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Postpartum Depression

have to share...

Hi everyone, i first wrote here when my baby was about 2 weeks old. She's now 9 and a half months old. A lot has changed, only my mood still goes up and down sometimes. We both have the flu right now, not feeling well at all.. this reminds me those days where i needed help to do many stuff. This situation where im not feeling well, nights are not easy all this makes me feel in a very bad mood. I need air again, going out with my husband, meeting friends-i miss that. Being sick while my daughter is sick too, and not able to hold her a lot makes me feel like a bad mom. Being home now isnt easy. my husband is helping a lot, doing everything since i berely leave bed... Does it make sense that I'm in a bad mood again? Just like in the beginning....?

Re: have to share...

  • I'm not sure, but my psychologist said that people who have ever dealt with depression tend to look at bad days/times differently then they used to before the depeession. She said that sometimes it's just a bad day and that's all it is. She said it's not the depression coming back and not to let your kind take over thinking that it is.
    Feel better soon! Once you do I'm sure you won't worry so much about all these old symptoms coming back.
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