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How was your weekend?!?!?!

Normally I wait to answer a question I post so as not to color anyone's not so much.

I had a GREAT weekend!! Took the family camping for our 14 yr old's birthday. Oy...I can't believe she is 14...but anyway.

Had my wife's parents and brother along with the 6 of us...technically this is my son's first camping experience even though he is in utero.  Lots of Type-A at the camp site, so I tend to sit back and watch. :)

It was VERY relaxing, burnt some wood, canoed for 2 hours and hiked.  Two of the girls swam in the springs and birthday girl canoed with us. BTW, upstream canoeing is difficult....boy are my arms tired!!

So how about anyone else?!? Anything exciting??

Re: How was your weekend?!?!?!

  • We went to a couple soccer games that my 8yo niece was in. My son likes going so he can play with his cousins. He get's really excited about soccer games so if we aren't doing anything we tend to end up at the soccer fields.

    My wife had a friend and her 3yo over Saturday night. The husband had to work.

    That sounds like an awesome weekend. It's going to be really fun when we can start taking the kids on those types of adventures. My son would probably love camping, but probably isn't ready for canoeing yet. Maybe next year he'll be able to go. Not sure if it can be a family thing or not since the girls will just be 1.

  • Saturday was a little odd. We went to my grandmas funeral which meant I saw a lot of extended family that I don't really know but they know me more than I thought they did. 

    On Sunday my IL's and 2 of my friends came over to build a playground my IL's bought for her. It was rainy and nasty all day which made it fun. Haha. 

    We took Pey camping when she was really young (under 1 I think)  and she enjoyed it. Even now she really enjoys the outdoors. We really want to take her again but its too late in the year to do it now. I guess at this point we will have to wait to take a newborn as well. 
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