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First Appt at Navy Hospital

This may be a silly question but this is our first pregnancy and we have been in the Navy a year- on tricare prime. I went in at 4 weeks to take a pregnancy test and a nurse filled out some paperwork for me and told me I would get called to set up my first appointment between 8-12 wks. I'm now at 8 wks and still no call. I am getting long does this usually take?

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Re: First Appt at Navy Hospital

  • I'm at an army hospital and I'm sure it depends on the hospital itself, but you may just want to call. My expierence might be different, but after I went in for my pregnancy test, the person who called me back with the results told me to wait two days, then call the OB office and make an appointment directly with them vs. the appointment line. My first visit was with the nurse at 6 weeks and I'll have my first with the Dr at 10.

  • I agree with pp. I'd call.

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  • Thanks ladies, turns out they lost my paperwork which is why I didn't get a call. I ended up calling and have an ultrasound next week!

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  • They are notorious for losing things and so it's always best to call and keep on them about things
  • @andied6709 I just called the MTF and they told me to come in and ask for a pregnancy test.  I did that and then filled out some paperwork and they gave that paperwork to their OB coordinator.  Now...they ended up losing my paperwork so she never called me (hence this post) and I ended up calling them.  But typically after you have a positive pregnancy test there they will give you a call to set up an appointment.  I never saw my primary...and after I got set up with my OB there they changed her to my primary. 

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