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Just found out, it 's twins

So, I'm 5 weeks, did IVF to get pregnant and just found out I'm apparently having twins.  The initial shock is beginning to fade only to be replaced by sheer panic! I don't know ANYTHING about having a multiple.  On accident last night I discovered there is a pack & play for twins…no idea what to expect. Can anyone help me with some basics of having multiples so my blood pressure can return to normal?

What do I NEED 2 of and what can I get by with 1 of (even if its only initially)? Has anyone breast fed twins? It's something I feel very strongly about doing but DH is concerned that it's not possible.  I'm sure I have like 5,000 more questions, but I'm so overwhelmed that I can hardly think.

Thanks everyone!

Re: Just found out, it 's twins

  • Congratulations! I can tell you are very excited!

    I wouldn't worry about what they need quite yet, focus on staying healthy and listening to your body. It is a hard pregnancy. To answer your questions though...initially you can get away with one of everything but car seats. I used rock n plays for sleep time (initially just one crib, but that was hard on my c section), so we needed two of those. I also had a twin z pillow instead of two boppy pillows (which I use a million times a day).

    My boys will be 6 months on Oct 9 and they are still exclusively breast fed. I pump though, which sucks, but worth it. Lots of these beautiful women were able to BF past a year, so definitely doable, but keep an open mind. I set 3 month goals for myself. Your husband is going to be a huge huge factor in your BF success. Tell him to start being a cheer leader NOW!

    Happy to have you here!
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  • I agree with not needing two of anything other than car seats and rock n plays.

    I also felt really strongly about breast feeding and at 5.5 months we are going strong. We even had a rocky start with them on formula in pbottles in the nicu due to low blood sugar and my milk took forever to come in. They transitioned to breast feeding like champs though with some help from a LC. I'm back to work now and pumping during the day but still nursing morning, night, and weekends. It's definitely doable. I have both a twin z nursing pillow and a twin my breast friend and I like both. I keep one in our bedroom and one downstairs and it works really well for me still when I tandem. Good luck, it's totally doable. I was really nervous too but have been lucky with how easy breast feeding has been for us (sleep is another issue though;)
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  • My boys will be 10 months tomorrow and we are still exclusively breastfeeding (with solids). It is definitely doable if you just push through the difficult parts. I've gotten milk blisters, clogged milk ducts and slight mastitis but just kept breasfeeding through it and we are still going strong!
    As far as things you need two of is car seats, cribs (unless you want them in your room with you for a while. We had the twin pack and play and we loved it but it has mixed reviews. It worked for us for 4 months until they outgrew it. Then we moved them to their separate cribs). We never used the boppy pillows because we were breastfeeding and you don't really need them for that. If you plan on tandem feeding though get a twin pillow! (We loved the Brest friend nursing pillow). A lot of things you probably only need one of is like swing and playmats. Once you see what your babies really like you can always get another of. And Congrats! Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy! It's hard making two babies but you will be surprised what your body can do!
  • Take it one day at a time. ;) Congratulations on your double miracles!

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  • Congrats! I'll echo PP: you can get by without a lot of gear. Wait and see what works for you and your babies before buying two of everything.

    A twin pg is hard on your body, so listen to it.

    I BFed the twins for 14 months. They self-weaned - I would have gone longer had they shown interest. I preferred to tandem feed, but some mamas prefer to nurse individually. They were preemies and in the NICU, so BFing did get off to a slow start. I returned to work when they were 3.5 mo old and pumped for them until they turned a year - no formula. It's possible.

    But for now, take a deep breath. It's a wild ride.

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    I'm only 8w5d myself & I've only lurked on the board so far. I just wanted to share that I noticed an article on the what to buy 2 of topic that I saw in the bump app the other day - so I'm gonna try to share the link. (Though, I'd probably put more stock in what these ladies say, the more info the better, right?)

    From The Bump: "Baby Gear for Twins and Triplets"

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  • I forgot to say we had two bouncy seats and they were our most used thing! I got them as a gift but am so glad we had them. It was a good place to put them down when I was tending to one baby or just needed them in a secure spot. We even put them down to sleep in them (we had the kind with the vibration) for the first few months. They would fall asleep in those and we would transfer them to their cribs. We still use them for play time! We have two of these. http://m.target.com/p/fisher-price-infant-to-toddler-rocker/-/A-14588564?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=google_pla_df&LNM=14588564&CPNG=Baby&kpid=14588564&LID=9pgs&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=14588564&kpid=14588564&gclid=CKHY_ODi8sACFdCCfgodZH8AcA
  • Congrats! I have enjoyed the book "what to do when your having two"
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  • We are 7 weeks along with twins and this is our first pregnancy. I am SO glad I came to this board today. We have been in the same boat as @mrsnstlr, so excited, but in a state of panic. We keep thinking of such random things we might need, or questions we have. We know that we want to take everything slow until our next dr visit at 11 weeks, but it is so hard!!!  
  • Congratulations and...deep breaths. You have many months to figure out what you are going to need and want. Do the research (this board is a great starting place) and it'll all be okay :-) 

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  • Congrats and yes, deep breaths!!

    I breast fed exclusively for 3 months (which I was happy about!!) and I didn't like tandem feeding - I liked my alone time with each girl. Luckily I sold my twin bfeeding pillow for $30 back to a new twin mom. 

    Hold off on two of stuff until you see that they like it. Our girls NEVER used the swing, thank goodness we only had 1. They loved the rock n play so I finally ordered a second one. I got two used bumbos that they used for a split second then I resold them to another twin mom. 

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  • Thank you all so much. I've been MIA from the boards (due to sheer exhaustion - can't wait for this 2nd trimester energy everyone keeps telling me about!), and finally got around to reading all your responses! I really appreciate all the advice!
  • Congratulations! I agree with the suggestions to buy one thing and see before buying a second. My first kid HATED the swing, but the twins loved it so much that I ran out and bought a second one. I bought a second Exersaucer because my first kid loved it so much - that was a giant flop.

    My twins are still nursing at almost 16 months. They are not, and never have been, exclusive breast feeders, but with small amounts of formula supplementation and then the addition of solids and eventually whole milk, I have managed to nurse them this whole time. It is not easy, but it is definitely possible. Post and read here often - there are a lot of very helpful mamas on here who can give you pointers!

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