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18 month check in

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Mine won't be 18 months until mid month , but If you have had your 18 month wellness check, post your baby's stats here!

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Re: 18 month check in

  • DD is 18 months today... and I still can't believe it!  Time has gone SO FAST!

    Height - 32" (75th %)
    Weight - 25lbs (50th %)
    Head Circumference - not measured
    Mobility - walking, running, basically all over the place!  She took off walking shortly after her birthday, and hasn't stopped since.
    Communication - she is up to almost 30 words, but still uses her signs a lot too.  She understands EVERYTHING, we are constantly amazed at how much she absorbs, even when we aren't talking to her.  She is really trying to communicate more too, just yesterday at her pedi visit she was trying to tell the Dr. a "story" - lots of hand gestures and facial expressions, it was so cute!
    Favorite Toys and Activities - anything outside, she has loved going to the lake this year.  she also loves books (always has) and is getting into puzzles.  We recently pulled out a play tea set she got for her birthday, and she really gets a kick out of that.  She loves to color too...I recently caught her walking around with a piece of paper and a crayon, scribbling as she walked.  I'm pretty sure she will be a list-maker like her mama ;)
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  • My daughter was 18 months old on the 1st.
    Height: 32.5 in (70%)
    Weight: 21 lbs. 10oz. (35% - her highest so far. She was less that 1% at one point.)
    Head Circumference: 18.5 in (69%)
    Mobility: Walking and running everywhere!
    Communication: I was writing down all of her words a few weeks ago, but after 50 I lost track. I'd say she's probably added 20 since then, and new ones every day. This is amazing to me because at 15 months she hadn't even said "mama" and "dada".
    Favorite Toys and Activities: she loves bubbles, swinging, sliding, her stuffed animals.
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  • DD had her appt this morning. She is 20 lbs 10 oz, 31 inches and 17.9 inches HC. She is between 22 -25% on all the charts. She's my little peanut! She has been walking, running and climbing everywhere. She had been so quick to reach her gross motor skills (she walked at 8.5 months), but her speak is a lot slower coming. She is up to about 15 words, but won't say them consistently (except mama, dada, nana, yinx (for our cat Lynx), Spots (our other cat), bye and ball). 
    Toys she loves: Books, books and more books. Also her mega blocks and stuffed animals.

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  • I finally get to participate!!!

    Height: 33.25inches
    Weight: 30lbs
    Head circ: 19.5
    She's wearing most of her clothes in 2T though she has some 18month and some 3T that fit her. One of her pairs I jeans is 4T but it's baggy without her CD under it and she mostly need bigger sizes of jeans so she has room to climb around in. Jeans can be right for toddlers!

    Mobility: She's been walking since 9.5 months. She is learning to swing on the big kid swing. She doesn't pump herself but she needs no other help than me putting her in and pushing her. She can climb most of the ladders at the playground (with me spotting her, but with very little help from me). She does stairs on her own, upright and holding onto the railing. She has regressed with slides, she used to do them perfectly, over and over again but right now they make her nervous. She mostly refuses to slide and when she does she usually gets fidgety and has a bumpy ride down.

    Communication: plenty of words and signs. She's starting to sing and to put together two word sentences.

    Favorite toys and activities: she loves her baby doll, her books, big bear, cars, trains, she loves the zoo and she had a blast at the state fair both days we went. She kept asking to go again and to look at it whenever we were outside bc we could see it from our neighbors driveway. She does a really goo impression of yoga especially pranayama. I can't get her to color with me without eating the crayons :( oh well, we'll do plenty of coloring one day :)
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  • We had DD's well visit today:

    Height: 33.3 in (87%)
    Weight: 25 lb 8 oz (65%)
    HC: 47 cm (61%)

    Walking/running/climbing everywhere

    Says lots of words, some of which only we can understand :)

    Loves her books, coloring, her baby and stuffed animals, playing with her seashells, helping with the dogs, and lots more!
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  • Height: 32.5"
    Weight: 23lbs
    Head Circumference: 48.5 cm

    Mobility: He's everywhere and into everything. Opening doors (lever handles), scaling bunkbeds, and easily climbing any playground structure he sees. He even climbs in and out of his highchair if I'm not keeping a super close eye on him. Gah!

    Communication: A little behind and I admit I'm not sure how to handle it. My girls were advanced in communication, so this is new territory for me. He understands a TON and the pediatrician did not seem super concerned, just said we'd worry if his skills haven't improved enough at 2 years. He can boss our dog around with an arsenal of commands, but won't talk to people.

    Favorite Toys and Activities: Like many others, he loves books, but his favorite toy is cars. He's claimed his sister's pink Barbie corvette and will put his own toys in it and push it all around the house. Funniest thing seeing a Hulk driving a pink corvette. He also loves playgrounds. I mean LOVES playgrounds. He'd scale those things all day if I let him.
    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • My lo turned 18 months on the 22nd

    Height- 36 in (we're all tall)
    Weight- 30 lb 13 oz
    Head Circumference- 16 in
    Mobility- crazy wild child. He runs, climbs, and is starting to jump.
    Communication- he's a parrot
    Favorite Toys and Activities- anything with wheels, little people animals, rocking horse, balls, books
  • Finally had our appt Friday!

    Height - 34"

    Weight - 26 lbs

    Head Circumference - unknown

    Mobility - Walking, running, climbing

    Communication - Lots of babbling and pointing to what he wants with some real words thrown in. I love to hear what words he's learned at daycare, he'll suddenly say choo choo or something and I know it's not something I've ever said around him.

    Favorite Toys and Activities- Loves songs and toys that play music, hand crank weather radio, picking up sticks outside and playing in the leaves now that it's fall.
  • Had her 18 month check today, though she turned on Sept 26th.

    Height 34" (97%)
    Weight 29# (97%)
    Head Circumference 19" (90%)
    Mobility Walking and starting to get fast with her "running"
    Communication Definitely has a lot of recognizable words and can follow direction really well. Has surprised us with unexpected recognition of words like "nail clipper" and she went into her room, grabbed it and brought it to me. Love that she can say "no" and "yes" when we ask her things; makes it easy to figure out what she wants.
    Favorite Toys and Activities Loves being outside. Playing with kitty. Putting on jewelry and serving mom & dad tea. Getting really good at throwing and catching especially with her nerf football.



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