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Blood pressure question.

I have x-linked rickets, so I am considered high risk, but honestly don't understand why because it doesn't effect my pregnancy whatsoever. I had my first two w a regular OB no complications at all, 7 years later I delivered my third with a high risk dr becaus apparently in that 7 years they decided my genetic disorder makes me high risk. Anyways, with the third I felt AWFUL for the last few months. Had carpel tunnel in both hands, eczema, severe hip pain, I coukdnt even lift my leg over the threshold of a door with out being almost reduced to tears. Had 1 high BP reading the whole time, deliver was painful but it's child birth so that's to be expected. 3 days later I have this constant pain in between my shoulders that I attribute to muscle pain from just giving birth, we go to our first pedi spot and I can barely walk I feel so bad....pedi checks my BP while I'm there and it's like 180/100. AFTER I was already home from the hospital it went up. So weird. Feet were the size of watermelons. So here we are w #4, 33weeks, feeling the same pain in between the shoulders but only sporadically. Very mild swelling in hands and feet and highest BP I've seen is 138/85. Has anyone else had this where you have pain like its BP but don't have a high reading, or high BP after birth when you were fine before?

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    Pre-E causes pain.  There is also post-partum pre-e too.  Please go get checked out!  Good Luck!  Also - I was put on BP meds for BP readings in the high 130s/high 80s b/c mine presented in 1st tri.  Please get checked.
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  • went in a few days early, no protien, BP looked good while I was there. He said just keep checking and if it gets to 140/90 for more than an hour to call. Baby is doing very well with everything. He said he didnt think I would get it since I didnt get it until afterwards with DD but I was doing good looking out for those things. Baby is measuring 8 days ahead tho!! And boy do I feel it....
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