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Baby Ear Piercing in Royal Oak area

I would like to have my baby's ears pierced quite early which is normal in my culture.  Typically my family has had it done by the doctor/pediatrician.  My pediatrician in Huntington Woods had a doctor who did it but recently retired. They recommended going to the mall but I feel a little uneasy about this.  Do any of you have experience with this? Where did you go? How old was your baby? I appreciate your help! 

Re: Baby Ear Piercing in Royal Oak area

  • I would never go to the mall - for myself or my child. 1) lack of long term training of the (mostly) teenage girls who do the piercing 2) sanitary reasons 3) the "gun" they use can hurt your child. I have ALWAYS gone to a professional piercer.  See this link for more info:

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  • Thanks!  I knew my gut was telling me piercing gun and mall was a bad choice.  No one in my family has had their baby pierced at the mall or with a gun either.  Unfortunately everyone keeps directing me to the doctor who in turn directs me to the mall.  Can you recommend a professional piercer in the area? 
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