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I am considering starting some Acupuncture at 35-36 weeks for pain/discomfort the last few weeks and then switching to areas that my induce labor at my due date.  Any STM's have any experience? 

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  • No experience with acupuncture, but I've LOVED my experience with chiropractic care! Started at 32 weeks, and it had really improved my back and hip pain. I'm sleeping so much better.
  • I did acupuncture after 40 weeks with my last pregnancy to help induce labor. I would get contractions afterwards, but I don't think it was actually what put me into labor finally. That being said, I will totally do it again! It was so relaxing, and I LOVED it! I have also been going to a chiropractor since 23 weeks, and it has been awesome for relieving back, hip, and PSD pain. I'll continue it until I go into labor.
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  • Resurrecting this thread in case anyone has any more insight into acupuncture? Thinking about making an appt today after I go to the dr.
    40w + 5 days....girl, it's time to GIT!
  • I've done chiropractic care this pregnancy (from weeks 28-34) as well as a form of acupuncture that didn't involve needles. (moxa) both were great. I'd highly suggest it.

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  • FTM here but acupuncture and moxa were what helped my difficult breech turn (after being told by OB it was slim to none).  Am going to start for labor prep this Friday (38+5) and crank it up towards the end of week 39 for induction.  I hope its as effective! :)

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  • I did acupuncture from about 18 weeks until i delivered last week. I went once a week and WOW did it make a difference for me!! This was my 3rd pregnancy and this baby was right on my sciatic nerve and overall it was my most uncomfortable pregnancy of the 3. I alwasy felt great after going. Had i not had to be induced, i was going to go right up until I delivered and if I didn't go into labor by my due date was going to go more frequently to try to induce labor.

    I will be continuing to go once things settle down. .
    Look out baby #3 is on his/her way!
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  • So I went last night--had the needles in my neck/shoulder region, above the inner ankle, and in the webbing between my index finger and thumb. I relaxed like that for about 30 min.
    Little lady was moving a lot but it felt different--like she was sliding down -----Like all my insides were OOZING down. Then the needles were removed, the acupuncturist had me lay on my side and "shocked" my sacrum with about 6 needles in my lower back which got tiny little electrical currents for about 10 min or so. And that was that! No contractions as of 9 hours later, but hey--it was worth a shot and totally relaxing. I recommend it!
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