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Share your birth announcements here!!!!

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Congratulations Mama! 
Your new baby is here and your board is ready to celebrate with you! 

Maybe you've been with us since the beginning, maybe you joined part way through or maybe you're just finding us now.
No matter when you found us - congratulations on your new baby!


This thread is for your birth announcement - just the quick facts and love it's.
Totally optional!
So what does that mean exactly?

Here's an example of the information to share!

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Once you've had the time (yikes!) to write your birth story, you can post a link to it here so
your fellow board members (and fellow moms!) can read them when they get the chance.

(Tip: you should be able to edit you post on here for a few weeks so you can add your birth story, 
but it's NBD if you add another post with just the link to your story either).

Your birth story is your own thread.
You do not have to write one, but if you choose to, please only share what you feel 
comfortable having on the internet forever.

We can't wait to read all about how your precious new baby joined your family and
joined the world!

Again- save the congrats comments for each Bumpie's individual thread. But Love Its welcome and appreciated!


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Re: Share your birth announcements here!!!!

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