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1st Trimester

1st Trimester symptoms...or lack thereof.

I'm 5weeks 6days today and so far my only pregnancy symptom has been super sore breasts and some cramping. I also had very light spotting today. My first OB appointment is a week from today. Not that I wish nausea and vomiting on myself, but it's rough having close to zero symptoms. I almost don't believe I'm pregnant, despite the three HPT I took that were positive. I guess I will go broke buying more of those until my doctor's appointment confirms what my husband and I are so excited for! Anyone else feel kind of 'down' that you don't have any symptoms?

Re: 1st Trimester symptoms...or lack thereof.

  • I know! My sister had vomiting for her entire first trimester and she was so miserable!! I don't want to be in her shoes, but I just want SOMETHING...lol. I'm a FTM, btw, so I'm all new to this!
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  • I'm completely with you. I go crazy. I thought I was having some symptoms and now I feel nothing (I'm exactly 6wk today) and I jump to maybe the embryo stopped growing.
    I have to tell myself what is done is done and there's nothing I can do at this point and I'll find out in a week or so at my ultrasound.
    Good luck to you and I know how you feel.
  • Like stated every woman and every pregnancy is different. I've heard that most women don't start experiencing symptoms until around 7 weeks. You might be a lucky one that doesn't have 1st trimester symptoms. I had no symptoms with my son and he will be 1 year next month. Enjoy it.
  • I felt fine until a little after 6 weeks, and it was down hill after that. Embrace this time where you don't feel like crap, you will wish you were more great full later.

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    I am hoping this post is the "I'm worried about my pregnancy being strong enough since I have very few symptoms".  Otherwise I hate you because I am nauseous 24/7 and all that settles my stomach is white floury things.

    If you're worried, have your OB/GYN schedule a blood test (they do one anyway to check your hormone levels so it's not like an extra test - no reason not to do it sooner - it just tests if your levels are doubling the way they're supposed to).  It's basically blood drawn one day, and then another blood draw 48 + hours later.  Like I said, this is something done at the beginning of a pregnancy anyway, you can def do it at 6-7 weeks (I just did) and it may settle your nerves (if that's the issue.).

    ETA: you're going to eat your words because EVERYONE who carries a watermelon to term and squeezes it out one way or the other ends up w/ some symptoms - enjoy it while it lasts.

  • I get it, you want to feel pregnant since you don't look pregnant and can't feel the baby moving.  Having said that, for many women symptoms such as morning sickness don't start until six weeks or later so give it a few more days.  And then, for some they never stop, so cross your fingers that if you do get morning sickness that you are one of the lucky ones who has it go away in the first trimester.

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  • If you have super sore boobs, that's one symptom more than I had when I was pregnant with TWINS.  Even with twice the HCG pumping through my body, I didn't have sore boobs, nausea, vomiting, or anything discernible.  Just a little excess hunger. My stomach was flat as a board until I was about 13 weeks and I was so worried that something was wrong I started to wonder if the doctor and everyone else was conspiring against me by telling me everything was fine. 

    Now I have two healthy 2-year-old boys.  Again, symptoms = zero.  I felt nothing until the 2nd trimester.



  • When I was pregnant with my first the only symptoms I ever got was sore breasts. And I only have that for about 2 weeks. And severe swelling of my hands legs and feet.


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  • eayovino said:
    Don't let any of the Debbie downers on here make you feel bad for being concerned. I have the same issue. Barely any symptoms and with a blood clotting gene and a family history of miscarriages I wake up scared every morning. No nausea, no cravings, no headaches. Just slight constipation and terrible acne. I've been calling my sister crying every other day because I can't get it out of my head, so I definitely feel you girl. BUT, the reality of it is that no symptoms isn't necessarily a bad thing, and you just gotta stay positive. Regardless of what happens, we're strong women who will get through it. You're doing everything you can right now, and stress isn't good for the baby, so TRY to relax (I know it's hard, oh I know) and keep planning for your little one and trying to enjoy the time.
    No symptoms is a great thing.  You can get every single symptom and discover a few new ones while you're at it but, it means absolutely nothing in regards to how healthy or unhealthily your pregnancy is.  Like PP said not getting your period IS a side effect of pregnancy.  Turning a pee stick IS a side effect of pregnancy.  Those two are the winning preggy lotto numbers.  Everything else is frankly unnecessary extra. If you have a firm grasp on "every pregnancy is different", complaining that your pregnancy is not acting like the woman standing next to you is silly.  Had I done this my friend Cathy, who was beyond sick, would have punched me dead in my face and rightfully so.  
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    Quit inventing problems. Find something else to occupy your time for now. Because it will be more than occupied once baby arrives. And ignore the PP who said to get a blood test. Totally stupid and unnecessary.
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  • I'm 8 weeks and only symptoms I've had so far is acne back pain sore breast insomnia and bloating
  • I am 9 weeks today and the only symptoms Ive experienced are sore breast and fatigue. So your not in this boat alone. I called my doctor freaking out the other day because I haven't even had my first OB appointment and I just don't feel preggo but she told me not to worry that a lot of women do not get any negative symptoms that we expect. 
  • I have all the symptoms and even though I am assured at every waking moment that I am pregnant, I am also physically miserable, and trying to be a good SAHM to my 2 toddlers!

    Point of the story: Having no symptoms to date is a blessing!! Be grateful! :)
  • I am so glad you posted this. This is my first time too and I've been so scared lately that maybe this isn't really happening. I'm feeling really paranoid, so it's nice to hear that I am not the only one :)
  • As someone who recently lost my first pregnancy, I was holding my breath every day waiting to get symptoms just to know all was well...now I'm doing everything in my power to calm this crazy nausea! I had a little nausea at 6 weeks...now at 7 weeks I started to feel nauseous all day long! My friend had no noticeable symptoms until like 10 weeks. Just remember to stay calm and enjoy the lack of symptoms (even though it's easier said than done)
  • In the same boat. Let's just be thankful we feel okay now. I know it's going to hit me like a truck very soon
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    I will trade with you in a split second.

    My symptoms:  I've had such painful cramps, I get scared things are going terribly wrong on a frequent basis.  I wake up in tears in the middle of the night sometimes due to cramping.  I get dizzy from the deep breaths I take all day long due to non-stop nausea.  I have puked several times after taking my prenatals, and I'm afraid of what problems that may cause.  I am so swollen, I get asked when I'm due --> I look about 5 months, because I am backed up & retaining water.  Vomiting has caused be to have a constant burning in my throat, and I cannot stop drinking water.  I cry every time I try to use the bathroom because it's so painful..
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  • @jennilarkspur‌ : if it hurts to urinate or pass stool that badly please talk to your OB.

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  • @jennilarkspur‌ : if it hurts to urinate or pass stool that badly please talk to your OB.

    (tmi, surely.. but..) I've had nothing but diarrhea for years, but it's turned solid with the pregnancy.  I asked NP about this.  It's just going to take time for my body to adjust.  I'm using a bit of Metamucil for now, per recommendation.  She did say there may be an increased risk of hemorrhoids later in the pregnancy.  :-/
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  • This is my fourth pregnancy my first one sick for 7 months my second one wasn't sick at all third one sick all 9 months all day this one has been a hit and miss very sick then nothing for a week then been nauseous but no vomiting. So it definitely has been different for each of mine and my first three were girls.
  • My mom had no symptoms other than "a little heartburn after the 8 month mark."  I puked from 5.5 weeks to 18 weeks, constipation, had the nose of a scent-hound, hips popping out of place, pelvic pain, swelling feet, heartburn for months...  
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  • If you are pregnant, and have very little symptoms - count your blessings.

    I am pregnant for the first time with twins, and oh boy, am I sick.

    I have M/S - at night.
    Fatigue all day every day. Going to work is a struggle, and by 5:30, I'm completely weak.
    Hello migraines!
    Nausea is my middle name - I can barely eat, and the things I can aren't that fulfilling.

    Hate to sound negative, but if you're not clutching the toilet on a daily basis, you are one of the lucky ones. I'll take sore boobs over vomiting and headaches any day!

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