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Feeding/Eating too much?

My LO is 5 weeks today and is eating between 27-30 oz a 24 hour period.  I feel like this is kind of a lot?!?!?  Yesterday he ate 5 oz then dozed off for 15 minutes then woke up acting starving. I was convinced he couldn't possibly be hungry again so didn't offer him food for about 40 minutes( of crying) when I did he gobbled down another 4 oz!!!  

Is this normal?  I have this irrational fear of creating an overeater/ emotional eater….
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Re: Feeding/Eating too much?

  • I would say he's eating too much, but I'm learning every baby is different and I agree with PP. I have the same fear too of having an overeater since I have weight issues. My mom thinks I'm not feeding LO enough, but he's plumping up just fine in my opinion:) He's on 24-26 oz a day and is 12 weeks weighing in around 14.5lbs. But whatever satisfies them is probably what's best at this point. 

    Maybe he was gassy though and some additional food in his belly settled it? I don't know, babies are so weird sometimes LOL!! Good luck! 

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  • I don't know if you bf or ff but I know that the average amount for a 1 month old who is on BM to eat is 25-30oz a day. So it sounds like your lo is right on track.

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  • My son has been eating 4oz of formula every 3 hours, sometimes sooner since he was about 4 weeks old. He will be 7 weeks on Wednesday. I thought it was too much also. I asked my pediatrician and she said if he is hungry and not spitting it up then continue to feed him on his cues.
  • I had the same question for our lactation consultant and she said it was normal and to keep feeding.
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  • My mom thinks I over feed my daughter. However I breast feed on demand... she goes a few hours of not wanting food, then in the evenings she just wants to eat. I am not concerned since she is gaining weight normally and she stops when she is full. Babies are able to stop when they are full.

    I agree with one of the pp comment re maybe they eat to settle the gases in their tummy... try burping longer (sometimes they need to get one or two or even three burps out!)
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