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tricare prime/pediatrician for baby

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Hello everyone I'm hoping you all can help me. My husband is military (Navy) stationed in Port Hueneme, CA and he has deployed till February. So I wouldn't be alone down there I drove home to Sacramento, CA to be with my family and give birth to our son. I'm 5 weeks away and I'm being told by my OB that I should pick a pediatrician so he has one for when he's born. My husband and I have Tricare Prime. Do I wait till he's born and enroll him in DEERS and then tricare and they will assign him a doctor like they did for me? Or should i find one now through the Tricare site since he will be on my care for 60 days? I'm confused on what steps I should take. Also do I have to enroll him in DEERS down in Port Hueneme or can I go to the nearest base and do it while I'm in Sacramento? Any help is much appreciated.

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  • It's kindif confusing, but the way that it was described to us was that for 60 days he'll be on Prime with Standard benefits, all you can choose whatever pediatrician accepts Tricare in your area. Afterthat 60 days, you'll need to pick his coverage.

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