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Where does sleep?

Where does your baby sleep for naps and bedtime? And how old are they?

DS - 2 weeks sleeps mainly in swing but sometimes I can get him to nap in pnp ( for about 30-60mins) in swing it's hours!

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Re: Where does sleep?

  • DS has been in his crib from night one. Thank goodness for video monitors! Naps are in his crib or on the couch in his Boppy if I'm awake.
  • DD is 10 weeks and she naps all over- on me, in her swing, in her crib, and a few times in the boppy. Up until last night she was sleeping with us at night in a co-sleeper in our bed (best invention ever) and sleeping 7-9 hrs a night. Last night we put the cosleeper in her crib in her own room and we got a solid 8 hrs. Well, she did. I woke up to ever coo or weird noise. Eventually I'm hoping I can sleep too :-)

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  • My 11 week old sleeps in her crib for naps ar at night mostly. She also naps in the boppy on the couch when I'm watching her. I was freaked out she slept 830-7 today, the longest ever! Typically she'll sleep till 5 or 6 1 feeding during the night. :)
  • DS is 4 weeks old on Friday--at first, he was sleeping in a pack n play and we'd be lucky if he slept 2 hours, but about a week ago we got a rock n play, and he does very well in it. He has slept up to 4 hours in it, though usually it is 2-3 hr. stretches. 
    Naps he is either being held, in his bouncer or in the pack n play.
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  • DD will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. She takes most of her naps in the swing. From the beginning she slept in her crib at night time. She does 2-3 hour stretches during the day in the swing and does 3-4 hour stretches at night in her crib. 
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