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How do you do it when you have both babies by yourself? Any tips?

Mine very rarely nap at the same time. So there's always at least one who needs attention. When I'm strapped to the pump and they start crying, and I'm unable to console them, I kinda just have to keep trying what I can, and if nothing's working, wait it out. Which sucks. If it's an emergency I'll stop pumping in the middle. That sucks too.

Is this just the nature of the beast?

Eta: I'm getting really frustrated with this to the point of tears some days. Sometimes I have to wait so long in between sessions that I end up in a ton of pain. I've even considered stopping all together because my life would be so much simpler. But I don't want to do that.

Right now I'm waiting for DH to finish work before I pump because I have one cranky baby. I usually go 5 hours in between sessions...this will be 7+.

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Re: If you pump

  • I pumped for 8 months.  It's really hard and a huge time suck.  Sometimes I was so engorged that it was painful.  I just tried to do it as soon as I had a spare minute.  Often I would have to stop in the middle.  I definitely did not pump every 3 hours unless someone was home with me.  If I was going to go really long and one of the babies was hungry, I would breastfeed (although it was not an everyday occurrence) so I could relieve the pain and make sure my supply didn't drop.

    I always pumped right before I went to sleep and set my alarm to 30 minutes before the babes got up so I would only need to pump about 2 more times while DH was at work.  It was exhausting because I was missing out on valuable sleep, but I knew it needed to be done.  Of course in the newborn stages, I also pumped immediately after all MOTN feedings. 

    It's hard but if it is causing more stress than anything else, there is no shame in FF.  Good Luck!

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    This is the worst part of pumping. Before they were mobile, I'd just sit them in Boppies on the bed and read or sing to them. Then H started crawling, so I would put him in the exersaucer with E on the bed in a Boppy. Then, of course, they both became mobile. I've put them in a PnP next to me but they scream for most of that. I've moved the pump into the nursery to let them run around but the best toys in the nursery suddenly become the pump, the power cord and the outlet the pump is plugged into. I've put them in their cribs while I pumped, but they are not happy with that either. Fortunately, with the exception of the weekends my husband works, I have at most one pumping session when I'm alone. And usually I can do it during a nap or before my husband leaves for work.

    If you can't get them down together then pump while you entertain one and the other naps. Controlling one baby is always easier than two. But they do have a sixth sense about pumping, don't they? Never ceases to amaze me how many times their cries happen at the exact moment I turn the pump on.

    ETA: yes, sometimes they cry for a little bit. As long as no one is hurt, I'll let them cry and fuss while I finish pumping.
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  • One of the many reasons I only lasted 6 weeks.... It's hard, hard, hard. Is getting them to latch an option? So sorry, hope things improve!

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  • Bouncers at my feet so I could bounce them and sing to them. I was pumping every 2 hrs, after/while feeding them. It's hard as nails! Are you EPing? I agree with pp - if you can get them on the boob and wean off the pump, it's so much easier!
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  • Laying them next to me on the bed is the only thing that seems to work. I mostly pump while they sleep though, thank god for naps.
  • I thought I was the only one struggling.  I'm lucky to squeeze in 3 pumpings, nowhere near the 8 I should be doing.  

    This is probably a stupid question, but you're using a hands-free pumping bra right?  I didn't get one until last week, and it made a huge difference.  I can bottle-feed both babies while I pump.  I put both in their carseats on the floor and sit in the middle.  It's not ideal, but it gets the job done. 
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  • I started doing it while I was feeding them. PUMPING SUCKS BALLS. Let's be honest. Now (almost 6 mos) they finish their bottle in 5 minutes and not 20... I can usually get them to nap at the same time, which sucks because I never get me time. Before I am done pumping one always wakes up... Anyways, I digress. So I did and still do put them in their twin z pillow, get me hooked up and started, feed them both while I pump and then read them books, shake toys at them, make funny faces.... It is uncomfortable and annoying but better than going 7+hrs without pumping!

    Ugh pumping sucks. Going on 6 months and counting down the days until I can burn this <{£~*|¥ pump.
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  • Oh God. I exclusively pumped for a year with my first born. It was brutal....but he never latched so I committed myself to pumping. I SO do not want to pump this time around with twins.
  • I pumped almost exclusively (with some nursing here and there) for the first 3 months and after that, my boys became a lot more efficient at nursing so i stopped pumping so much. i was pumping 8 times a day for 30 minutes each time- yes, that's insane, but i struggled a lot in the beginning and once i got in a groove, i was scared to lose it. if you are able to nurse here and there, it will take the edge off and also be soothing for the babies… i found the swing to be a lifesaver too- i only had 1 in my tiny nyc apartment, but whoever was in the swing was happy, so then i only had one baby to worry about :)
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  • Thanks ladies. I haven't attempted nursing since about the 3rd week. We started off so well, and then they chewed me up and I ended up with an infection. It was brutal. I'm a little shell shocked! Maybe I will give it a try and see what happens.

    I don't really mind pumping. I pump 4 times a day and I'm able to keep up with them. It was fine up until recently when they started sleeping less and needing more attention.

    It's good to know it will get better. Here's hoping!

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