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Sleeps only only in swing at night

DS is one week old tomorrow and every time I put him in pack n play he's awake and fussing in 5 mins so I've been letting him sleep in the swing. Anyone else's LO like this? At what point should I try and switch him to pack n play. Is it safe fur him to sleep in swing? Thanks
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Re: Sleeps only only in swing at night

  • My LO is 7 weeks and still hates lying flat on his back. He sleeps in rnp. It makes me nervous so he sleeps right beside me. I try to get him to take naps in the pnp but he wake up shortly after.
  • With my first son I let him nap in the swing everyday and then trying to switch him over at 6 months to his crib was a bit of a problem.  I moved the swing into his bedroom and then found him crawling around on the floor of the room one day :| So needless to say, I doubt it is an issue now, but I learned the hard way that you should initiate whatever habits you want them to have from the get go.  If you want him sleeping in the crib, put him to bed in the crib.   My friend gave me a "rock and play" sleeper that seems to be really popular, all my friends with babies love it.  I might give that a try.  I think it sort of snuggles the baby so they like it more than the crib when they are so little.  My friend said she had no problem moving the baby back and forth between the rock and play sleeper and the crib at night.
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  • My DS slept in his swing for naps and at night until he was 7 months old.  He has reflux and screamed whenever he was flat on his back.  He transferred to his crib perfectly fine.  I wouldn't worry about this for a long time.  Let him sleep where he'll sleep safely and enjoy it.  
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