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So is this pregnancy anyone's last?

I was just wondering if anyone else was "done" after this pregnancy ?

I'm done. This is pregnancy number two but baby three so I'm beyond done lol I plan on tying, cutting, burning, removing and then having an exorcism. Lol but yeah just wondering :)

Also if you are how many kids do you have/will you have?

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Re: So is this pregnancy anyone's last?

  • My last. I'll be 42 when he's born. He's my third
  • Done. This will be my 2nd.
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  • We are 88% sure we are done after this. This LO will be #2. But we are still in our mid 20's so we don't want to do anything drastic when we very well could want a 3rd when our boys are a little older. For now though, I think we feel complete
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    Idk yet this is my 2nd pregnancy but first baby and I'm not sure I wanna go through morning sickness for 3rd time... It's just ugh

    Edit: also forgot to add that I'm 22 and DH is 40.... Soooo yea I'm pretty sure he will be fine with one.
  • This is my last pregnancy. It is my third pregnancy with HG and I can't do it again. With that being said, we always wanted four or more and always wanted to adopt (before I knew I would get HG) so we will be looking into adoption when this one is 2 or 3. 
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  • 90% sure this is it. This will be baby #2, pregnancy #3. We will wait about a year to be sure before DH gets a vasectomy. We waited a while to have children, I will be 32 and DH will be 37, so we aren't spring chickens :)
  • I'm pretty sure we will be OAD. The only thing keeping me from having them do a tubal during my c-section is this feeling that right now is not the time to make this decision permanent. At the same time, after going through such a miserable pregnancy, I cannot fathom voluntarily signing up to do this again, especially with a little one in tow. I wish there was a way to know for sure that we'd never regret the decision.
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    Nope, I don't think we are done yet. This LO will be #2 for us(both boys) and I know eventually we would like to try for #3(in 3-4 years). It would be awesome to have a girl, but I would be happy with three boys too!

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  • I am!!! This will be #4. We miiiiiiiight adopt at some point, but this body of mine is finished with pregnancy. I've had four HG pregnancies, two with cardiac complications (including this one). I love being a mom and having a big family, but pregnancy is for the birds!
  • I don't know - we've talked about adopting a third child, so it is likely that this will be our last biological child.

    I told my SIL I'd be a surrogate for her, but idk if she'll take me up on it. I wouldn't be opposed to something like that if I was needed because this pregnancy hasn't been that bad for me. I had an easy L&D with DS, so we'll see how this one goes.
  • #2 for us and we are done. DH will get a vasectomy when he gets back from deployment. If we ever decide to add a third we will adopt. Two pregnancies with gestational hypertension is enough for me. Plus my biggest stress relievers are running (can't do with the high BP during pregnancy) and beer so at this point I'm just stressed and miserable. So done!
  • This is # 2 but have had 3 really early losses. We think we are done but not doing anything permanent. I will wait see how we feel in a year.
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  • It his is my 2nd LO (God willing) and my 4th pregnancy. I would love more children, but will have to see if we are so blessed. I have always wanted 4, but I will take what I can get.

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  • We aren't sure. We had always planned to have 2, max.  So one more (this is our first) but NL put it well- I can't imagine voluntarily signing up for this again anytime soon.   If I were to get pre-e again in a next pregnancy and end up in the same position (hospital bed rest) I would then be leaving a child at home and not able to care for her as well.  I struggle with that in my head because it doesn't seem fair to me :(  And there's no way to know if I'll have it again.  So I honestly have no idea- I guess we'll decide down the road.  We aren't all that young, so I'd rather not wait years and years. But right now we're undecided. 
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  • We aren't sure yet. This is #2 and I am 30. If we try for a 3rd I'd want to do within a year or two. I really like the idea of a 4 person family but DH leans to wanting 3 children.
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  • KWBWKWBW member
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    This will be my first and last. I will be 35 when she is born and I already have a beautiful step-daughter so I think our family will be complete :)
  • Done! This is #3. We've always wanted 3. I'll be 35 when baby comes and I do not get pregnant easily. It's a relief to know this stage of life is coming to an end. While I love being pregnant and love the baby stage, the heartache involved getting to this point is no fun. I'm SO grateful that we have been able to do this 3 times. So, so grateful. Hubs will be getting a vasectomy when baby is around 6 months or so. :)
  • This is #3 for us, and we're most likely finished as well. We'll probably wait some time before making any permanent decisions, but for now, we're pretty sure that this is it for our family.

  • When we first found out, we said okay- 2, we're done now. I discussed with DH that if something changes 4 years down the road and we change our minds, I don't want to not have the option to have another baby. So, we will not be doing any permanent BC yet, but are likely done. 
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  • This is #2 for us. We're 29. 80% sure we're done. He won't have a vasectomy for a year or two to give us time to feel more secure in the decision.

    This question has made me feel sad. I should be savoring this pregnancy (mine hasn't been bad) but instead it's just been flying by.

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  • Depends on the future. My husband has a pretty stressful, time consuming job and if we were going to have a 3rd I would mostly likely lose my mind if I didn't at least cut back to part time. So possibly done. But wow typing that out just made me very sad.
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  • We're definitely going to try to have at least one more biological baby, but we're very up in the air about how the rest of our family is going to shake out. DH wants 3, I want 4-5, and we'd love to adopt at least once so we'll see how it goes! We're still young, both 24, so plenty of time to decide.
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  • Oh yeah, we're done. This one was unplanned, and we weren't even sure if we would have any more or wait a few years to have another, so yup, it was pretty much decided for us. After this one we'll have 4 between us. I'm having an RCS so they will tie the tubes while they are in there anyway.
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  • OMG yes!!! I was "done" after the last one, but surprise!! DH had a vasectomy last week, but if I need a csection (I currently have placenta previa) I will also get my tubes tied at that point. Already spoke to my doc about it. I figure we need to double whammy that sh!t, I got pregnant this time while on the pill, so extra forms of caution are always welcome. Lol We have 3 boys now and this LO is a girl, so we will have 4.
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  • This is our 2nd and last. I'm only 27, and can get pregnant just thinking about it, but know in my heart that 2 is all we need. So, we're in talks to have H get a vasectomy. My insurance pays for it completely, where as ligation, they don't cover as well. He will be 34 and doesn't want anymore, but he's nervous about the surgery, so it'll take some talking, but something will need to be done because I don't like taking birth control and don't want an IUD. There's a 6 year gap between LO's, and I mentioned it in another post that I look forward to the day that we raise our babies and they're off on their own. It'll be back to just me and H and we can travel and do things we weren't able to do in the beginning of "us" because I got pregnant with DD1 at 20 and life just happened. Not that I'm wishing my mommy years away, I just know what I hope for our future to be like.
  • This is number 3 and will be our last. We had talked about 4 when we were younger (prekids) but 4 would just be too much now that we know what it is really all about. Also this will be my third cesarean and I would rather not tempt fate as the risks increase significantly with a 4th cesarean. I would love to foster children but DH is not on the same page about that and I certainly couldn't ask someone to be involved with fostering unless they were 100% into it.

  • Not sure. This is #2. I want 3 but DH says he's done. We just bought our first house and hope to stay here until we retire. It only has 3 bedrooms and DH is strangely against any of our children sharing bedrooms....I'm not sure why. But we will see. I am anti birth control and condoms make me feel gross and he won't get snipped, so I'm not sure what will happen.
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  • This will be our 2nd, and We're 27 & 28. We're waiting to make decisions, but work is making some interesting changes so we'll wait o decide. If we have more, we're planning on only 1 more.
  • This is #2 for us, but will most likely be our last. I'm 30 and very surprised by how exhausted I am trying to deal with a pregnancy and a toddler at the same time. I can't imagine doing it with two LOs. 

  • I'm not sure. We would like more. We have six frozen embryos so hopefully we will be able to have a few more children. However, if none of those embryos become babies, I don't think I would be able to go through trying to conceive and IVF again so in that case we would be one and done.
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  • 90% done. This will be baby #2. We have always wanted 2 kids. DH will be getting a vasectomy, but not for a couple years. I want to be 100% sure first. I'm only 29 and I might change my mind? Probably done though.
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  • Honestly, in my heart no I am not done. But in reality there is probably a greater than 70% chance that I am. Financially, having three will be very difficult but if our financial situation changes (i.e promotions or career changes with more money) then we will likely have one more. 

  • probably done after this.  we're going to give it a year before taking permanent measures (SO getting the snip), but at this point i'm 98% sure that we're done.  our house probably couldn't hold another person anyway.  this is #2 for our family, and i'm 31 and SO is 34.  DS is 4, and these two will be almost 5 years apart.
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  • I will have one more child. The questions are really how, when, and how much it will cost us.

    This one took around 2 years of trying, 4 cycles with a fertility clinic, and over $5k to conceive. And I consider myself lucky, because it could have still been much harder. I just can't even begin to wrap my head around the dozens of doctor visits (where babies aren't welcome in the office) to conceive again with a LO at home. Add into that babysitting costs, time away from my child, and I already feel guilty even thinking about wanting a second.

    We know our family won't feel complete with an only child, so it's possible I may be done being pregnant, but we will adopt if necessary to get a sibling.
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  • This will probably most likely be our last. I have said for a while that I wanted four kids, then I got pregnant with my first and it was a hard exhausting sick pregnancy. But 9 months later I was doing it again lol, so it couldn't have been that bad! But like another PP mentioned we have a three bedroom house and my husband hated sharing a bedroom with his brother so we are thinking this will be our last. Financially it makes a lot of sense and I'd like to start working on me for a change for a while and not have to continue to give my body over to babies constantly. I would also like to be able to retire and enjoy our lives and right now we would be 48 when both kids were in college. I think that would give us more flexibility. (Right around when our mortgage should be paid off too, woot woot) 
    But my husband, who always wanted only two and after my daughter said maybe one because he couldn't imagine loving another child as much as her (wrapped around her finger :) ) now says maybe a third wouldn't be soooo bad. LOL. 

    So we will wait a year to have him get his vasectomy. DH just turned 30 and I'll be turning 30 shortly have this one is born. So I am not sure if I am ready to make any permanent decisions and even though I am RCS I refuse to have the tubes tied at 30. If he wants the vasectomy more power to him, and for the record, he offered :) 
  • This is #3 for us. It might be our last. We won't make a permanent decision until this little one is around 2. I've always wanted 4 kids, DH is on the fence about 4. So we will see how it goes and make a decision in a few years. I'm 28 and DH is 29 so we do have some time to figure out if we want another.
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  • We have two lower quality frozen embryos. If neither of those take, we are done. Adoption is just not an option for us and I don't think I will put myself through IVF again. 

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  • We feel complete. We won't be altering our bodies so one could say never say never but I am pretty sure there will be no more for us, we will happily wait for our grandchildren to start arriving :). I have been getting closer to this point the last 2 pg's but this is the first time I can honestly say I feel like our family is complete.
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