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Pooping during nap

Okay, DS is 2.5 & has been potty trained during the day for over a month. He has never woken up from a nap or nighttime dry, so we've been using pull ups for naps & nighttime only. The past week or so he's been waiting to poop during nap time in his pull up. I really don't want this to become an issue...but at the same time I'm afraid to take away the pull up since he's never woken up dry. Thoughts or advice???

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  • I'm no help, but my son is doing the same thing (waiting for nap or night to poop).

    He knows the "right" thing to do is go on the toilet, but he is so active, he has trouble sitting and relaxing enough to go.  

    Sorry I have no advice...I'm hoping it's just a stage and will improve as he gets closer to 3.
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  • Thanks! It's good to know he's not the only one, I guess! But I'm sorry y'all are going through the same thing! Just an update...he's been a little more successful this week. I've been trying to have him sit & try to poop right before nap time. We've talked a lot about how it takes more time to poop than it does to pee, and how he has to concentrate & really try. I've brought back m&ms for pooping in the potty as an incentive. Hopefully it will continue to get better! I might try putting the little potty seat in his room during nap time like the poster in another thread & see if that works, too...

    Oh, and I totally think being an active little boy is a huge part of it! If I can get him to sit on the potty for more than 2-3 minutes before his nap he usually poops at least some! It's getting him to sit still & calm down enough to concentrate on pooping that's the hard part!
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  • DD was doing this too, so I put her potty in her room. 80% of the time, she will use the potty instead of her pull-up now to poop and will wake up dry, or wake up and use her potty then go back to sleep. DD refuses help, and wants no part in having anyone in the room if she needs to poop, which is why she was waiting until nap time. Putting the potty in her room leaves her in control. I was afraid of what I might find leaving the potty in there with her, but fortunately she just went and we've had no issues.
  • Man, I wish I had advice because I'm in the exact same position.....no matter what I do or what I bribe, my kid refuses to poo in the potty, I've got him to do it all of five times in FIVE friggin months and I think those were all lucky mistakes on his part....that's it!!!

    He's a very active almost three yr old and each time he's done it he got a present+ chocolate+extra TV or computer time....still refuses until nap or bedtime regardless of the rewards. Doesn't matter if he's naked, in a diaper, in undies or whatever....he'll still poo. It's a nightmare. So sadly I have no advice, I'm at my wits end....I'm just happy to hear I'm not the only one going through this although I have to say Im SOOOOOO sorry you're experiencing the same thing because man is it awful and frustrating!!! Let me know if you ever figure out the trick!!
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