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How often for alcoholic drink

I know it's ok to have a glass of wine while nursing as long as you have it 2 hrs before they need to eat again. But just out of curiosity how many times a week will you have one drink?
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Re: How often for alcoholic drink

  • Maybe once a week if that. Idk but for some reason, alcohol isn't appealing to me at the moment. Something must be wrong with me. But when I do drink, a glass of wine or a beer is what I have and same timeframe as you for BFing.

  • I've been having a small glass of wine 4-5 nights per week. I don't worry about nursing after; I can barely feel it and the amount that gets into the milk is really small anyway. I think the rule is if you feel good enough to drive then you're good to nurse.

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  • Most evenings I'll have a glass of wine or a beer.  Think of it this way: the alcohol content on most wines is somewhere between 8 and 12%.  A single drink will raise your blood alchol to maybe 0.05%, which is how much alcohol is in your breastmilk.  Fruit juice has 0.1%.  So as long as you're only having one drink, your breastmilk still has less alcohol than naturally occurs in juice, even if you nurse LO immediately.

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