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1st Trimester

What were your signficant other's responses?

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How did your spouses/boyfriends/ significant others respond to your news of a baby?

Re: What were your signficant other's responses?

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    I tried waving a pee stick in his face at 5 am. He said "I can't see that shit." He's very sweet.

    Edit: I wanted to clarify that he is very excited and happy about the pregnancy, but he wears glasses and I woke him up at 5 am when he wasn't wearing them and he couldn't see the pee stick.
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  • First kid: Called him to tell him at work. Although he was happy, he wasn't able to talk.
    Second: "I told you so!"
    Third: "So we're doing this again, huh?"

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  • Ha well I actually just tested this morning and hubby snuck in the bathroom before I had time to process the news and figure out how to tell him, so his reaction was "did you pee on that...?"

    After that it was a big ol hug and kiss though.
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  • My husband picked me up and spun me around and said "yippee!" Like a little kid. It was sweet.
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    Wow, those are all great stories. Mine is a father of 3 to his previous marriage. This is my 1st. He doesn't believe it true "he doesn't buy into that home pregnancy test crap" he is struggling with the news but becoming more supportive. I'm so happy I could fall over. I'm 32, I have wanted this for a long time. I thought he was on board. Come to find out he didn't think it would happen this soon. TTC for only one month. I want to live vicariously through you all. I imagined something much more amazing than this from him. He is coming around.
  • We kind of figured I was pg, so he pulled me in a hug and patted the side of my tummy and said "Nice baby." He's a dork. =P
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  • Mine had doubts about the first test, so he told me to use a digital.  When he saw "pregnant" he got a big smile on his face.

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  • i plopped the pee stick in front of him after work (this was my third time testing and had just taken it) 
    DH: whats that mean?
    me: its 2 lines means positive i'm pregnant
    DH: confused, slowly stands up, starts to smile and give me a hug and a kiss. then goes see i told you id get you KU on the first try (or something along those lines)

    its funny bc he was still in shock it took a bit to sink in. but it was planned and we were/are both thrilled. 

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  • It was his idea to have me test. He thought I was, I didn't think so. We were at my in-laws so I went and peed, got the positive and came down and quietly showed him as I was still unsure & in shock. He immediately hugged me and said "I told you!!" :)
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  • My husband knew I was going to POAS that morning, so he asked me when he got home, and I said "Yeah, I'm pregnant" to which he responded "Are you really?"

    It was our first month of trying, and I don't think he thought it would happen that quickly.  It was a couple more days before he even said anything more than matter-of-fact about me being pregnant.  I was a little bummed at first, but I realize it takes time.
  • 1st- I can't remember
    2nd - Awesome!
    3rd - Oh shit  

  • I POS and then left it in the bathroom and went to hang out with my DH for a few minutes. We went to look at it together and both cried

  • His first response was "I'm happy, but I was really looking forward to all the trying we were going to do". With our first it took 10 months. We nailed it on the first try this time. Lol
  • DD - I had been out of town for about two weeks.  I told him at the airport with a cute sign I made on my flight home.  He grinned from ear to ear and gave me a huge hug and kiss.  We kept looking at each other and giggling.  

    DS - He was in the garage doing something and I slipped a digital test in his back pocket and went back upstairs.  We he saw it he came barreling up the stairs and picked me up and gave me a kiss.  
  • 1st- I had him go look at the stick first, so he told me. We had only been trying that month and he was convinced I wasn't. He was worried we wasted money on the tests, so it was nice tot ell him I told you so! 2nd- big brother shirt for the 1st. Really don't remember his reaction! 3rd- He panicked. I'm very high risk and he's so worried about my health, the baby's... and the expenses of starting completely over!
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  • "Really? *kisses me* I'm really happy we are having another baby, and that leaves More beer for me the next 9 months" :)
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  • I'm sorry he didn't jump for joy dear. But I'm sure he's going to come around to the idea. Try and find your own little happiness.
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    Wow @encchanted this just made me cry at my desk
  • I gave my husband a "gift certificate" for 9 months of designated driving.  

    He said, "REALLY!?  You're gunna be a good mom!" 

  • I called him into the bathroom to show him my FRER and Wondfo tests and he just stared for a minute and then wanted me to do the digital test to make sure. Then smiles hugs and a lot of "Holy crap! You're pregnant!"
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    He just silently hugged me for a really long time. I think if he had tried to talk he would have cried. He did cry yesterday after our first ultrasound!

    Editrd to clarify: Happy tears!
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  • First: (had to call him at work) I told him, "you know how you wanted me to take that test? Well... I took it..." He said, "I'm pretty sure you're gonna say it was positive. That explains you making squid tacos for dinner last week."

    Second: sent him a text of the picture of the positive test. He said, "yep, that's a line. Please let this ones initials be BMFG!" (Google it and the game Doom, it'll make sense, lol)

    Third: came from from taking our daughter trick or treating Halloween night and took the test right away. He said, "Sweet, guess this means you'll be stealing all of Piper's Reese's cups out of her trick or treat bag after she's asleep, right?" He was totally right. I did.





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  • First pregnancy he said "how did that happen?" This time around he said "I knew it cause you've been an emotional mess these past couple of weeks" he's so romantic :|
  • We had only been married for about 2 months and weren't expecting to start a family for a good while. I took the test with him there and we looked at it together. I could tell he was happy but extremely terrified and I was crying uncontrollably. So he hugged me and we sat there and cried together. Don't get me wrong we are both very excited now that she's almost here but at first we were so shocked.

    But I should add that he was very supportive and said all the right things. After about 2 hours we were already talking names :)
  • We weren't trying and I was on the pill. So when I tested positive I burst into tears, when he came home I told him that we needed to talk and he sat down and I said "So, I'm 6 weeks pregnant" and he stood up and exclaimed "Awesome! That's so good Babe!!"    At the time I was like "Is it? Is it awesome?"

    Now the shock has disapaited and I'm just as excited as he is!
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  • I woke him up early in the morning with my crying in the bathroom. He asked what was wrong and I told him absolutely nothing...when I walked in the bedroom a couple seconds later he said, "You're pregnant." I said yes and just lost it! He held me and rubbed my back as I cried and I just kept thanking the Lord..when I finally came up off his shoulder his eyes were all watery, and he was smiling so big! It was really simple and sweet.
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