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Kennedy Hospital?

Hi Everyone! 

Anyone have any current feedback about delivering at Kennedey Hospital in Washington Twp, and any OB recs?


Re: Kennedy Hospital?

  • Virtua is MUCH better!
  • I had my first at Kennedy (a c-section).  With my second, I drove the extra 45 minutes to Virtua Voorhees to avoid Kennedy. And Virtua let me VBAC. 
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  • I LOVED Kennedy.  I go to University Doctors (now affiliated with Rowan University) across the street.  Dr. Hummel is my favorite.  She delivered my son and was amazing.  I will gladly return to Kennedy.

  • I went to the University Doctors (across the street), saw their midwifes, and delivered at Kennedy in Sewell with my first. Doing the same for this pregnancy. While my overall birth experience wasn't at all what I had hoped for (wanted all natural, got pre-eclampsia, needed induction, didn't progress after 3 days, had c-section), but it really didn't have anything to do with the hospital staff or the midwives. They were all great, even the doctor that ended up doing my c-section. They let my whole family come see my son after he was born (way more than their visitor limit and right at visitor hours ending time). Their lactation consultants were amazing. The food wasn't great, but do any hospitals have good food? I just had people coming to visit bring me food anyway :) 
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