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Has anyone ever had a water birth? what is like? I am considering it as a choice, any suggestions? thanx!

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  • You will probably get better answers over on the natural birth board :)

    I am planning a natural out of hospital birth and will use a jetted birth tub during labor. Not sure that I plan to actually deliver in it though, it just depends on how I feel in the moment. If you're delivering in a hospital you have to find out if they even offer water birth and for what birth scenarios, along with if you need to bring your own tub and how they fill it up. Where I live only one of our four local hospitals offer water births, and they do not allow them for first time mothers because there is less certainty about how you'll labor. It also depends on if you go into labor early or your water breaks before labor starts, so lots of factors to ask about if you plan to go the water birth route.  :) Many mama's over on the NB board have had water births so just flip through the first couple of pages and read threads. It is mentioned a lot. 
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  • thanks for your suggestion jenny!
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  • @smeame14 - I 100% agree that the policy is very dumb and makes no sense. I was just sharing that in my area an in-hospital water birth is not offered by anyone for a first birth. But you can travel to a birth center or work with midwives for an out of hospital water birth. It just depends what is offered in OP's area.

    You make a great point about space though. Oddly enough the one hospital that offers water births near us has the smallest LDR rooms. The other hospitals ban water birth because of the logistics of filling/unfilling the tub, clean up, and that doctors basically don't like them or feel they are risky. Or they don't have water proof fetal monitors.
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  • @jennypolkadots‌ our hospital offers a tub to labor in but you can't deliver in it. I'd love to know what would happen if someone just refused to get out.
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  • I delivered in a birthing centre. It was completely natural no drugs or gas and air. I absolutely loved it. The pool is kept at a warm temperature which really helps with pain and contractions. I delivered my DD in the pool, it was the most wonderful experience.
  • thanks taahira, i hope i will be able to do that!
  • My hospital had jetted jacuzzi tubs that you could labor in, and while the policy was that you couldn't deliver in it my nurse said she's never made a laboring mother get out if she didn't want to and they have delivered in the tubs. In the end I was in the tub for maybe 30-40 minutes and that was enough for me. I felt constricted in it and the water cooled off and just wasn't nice anymore to me. I loved hat it was an option, but it just wasn't for me. So personally I wouldn't want a large birthing tub taking up the entire room. My hospital room was huuuuge, over 300 sqft, and I spent most of my labor walking around it in circles so it was nice to not have anything in my way.

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  • I'm planning a water birth, but my hospital doesn't allow you to deliver in the tub.  They will let you if you rent or buy your own tub though.  I'll just need to ask how they plan to fill it up.
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