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It was a good day.

Well about 6.5 weeks ago we found out we were pregnant for the third time since having Will (edd4/28/15) While excited, we've been super cautious and nervous since we've already had to say goodbye to two babies in the last 8 months. 

Well my hcg levels prior to the 4 week mark were great and were doubling every 33 hours. Then I caught the heartbeat on the doppler at 7w3d and have heard it almost every day since. 

I had another appt today (9w6d) and was terrified going into the ultrasound room. The last time I was there I saw our all too still baby on the screen. It was actually quite traumatic being back in the same room. My nurse took my blood pressure and said, " your blood pressure looks great but your heart beat is very fast." Yeah, that came as no surprise to me. Well I didn't look at the screen until the OB said, "oh and there's the flicker of its heart." Then I looked and saw the most crazily moving little baby ever! It was moving all over, rolling around and arms rubbing it's little face. I was so relieved and excited I just started laughing. Our baby looked good and was measuring 5 days ahead. 

While I am still not past my first loss milestone of 11w1d, this ultrasound and crazy active baby have given me so much hope. Either way, today was a good day and I will be going to sleep with a very big smile on my face.
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Re: It was a good day.

  • This made me smile again. :x
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  • That is so wonderful! I will be thinking of you and praying this little one will continue to give you reason to hope! *hugs*

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  • That is great! Hoping the next few weeks pass quickly for you!
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