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i know I am premature in starting to look at items but I am little bit excited. What type of basket/crib are you thinking of getting? I am not buying yet just getting ideas

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  • We have a plain white one from IKEA. I'm not sure of the model but it was $109. One side does come off when the child gets older as the previous poster mentioned but we never used that feature either. We ended up co-sleeping and so the crib was only used maybe a half dozen times or less. It's been laying under our bed in pieces for 3 years waiting for the next baby. I also don't understand spending a ton of bucks for a crib but to each their own. 
  • We never actually got a crib. We used a swing at first, then a PNP, now he's in a toddler bed. In the end I'm happy we never wated money on a fancy crib or anything. We just never had room and he never seemed to mind. I'd probably get the cheap Ikea one if we were to get one.

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  • I don't k ow whether to stick to Moses basket try or swinging crib ect can't decide
  • We got something like this:

    There are so many scenarios and preferences with cribs (as you can tell) so what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. We spent a little more money on our crib because the convertible idea seemed so practical and it was for our first child so we figured we'd get more then one use out of it. He slept in the rock n play next to our bed for a few months and then transitioned to the crib, then we turned it into a toddler bed. He's about to move into a twin and the new baby will get the crib. When she's done with it as a toddler bed we'll use it as a full sized bed for the guest room. I tried to pick one out that i liked enough to keep that many years and that would eventually look ok in a guest room and one that was quality enough to be that durable. So far so good!
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  • I got a round crib. Hoping to have #2 relatively soon after so a convertible didn't make sense and I love the way a round crib looks and doesn't have to get pushed against a wall.


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  • We are planning to go with the divinci jenny lind crib in white. It is inexpensive, but more importantly is 100% wood with non toxic finishes and no mdf or glue. It retails for about $200 and the toddler bed conversion rail is about $50. It looks simple and cute.

    More important than the crib is the mattress. I want organic with no harmful fumes. Double sided (hard for infants, soft for toddlers). We are looking at one that is about $259.

    We are currently leaning towards the arms reach cocoon to put in our room for the first few months ($120). I love that it has a light netting that zips up so the cat won't get in there and it naturally soothes the baby with his or her own movements. We may also use a little co sleeping cushion between us for the first few weeks to help establish breastfeeding and get some better sleep. We have a Cal King bed and tons of space, and are both light sleepers so it should be a good option.  
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    emmyg65 said:
    We got the Ikea Sniglar. It's very sturdy and only $70! One sided does come off for toddlers, but we're just going to go from the crib to a twin-size mattress so that feature is unnecessary. I couldn't handle the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on something that only lasts 2-3 years.

    All new cribs are made to the same safety standard, so it doesn't really matter what you get. Go by your taste and budget.
    This is what we got. It is also the least "toxic" inexpensive (<$100) crib if you care about that. The current version is all unfinished beech except for nylon netting for the mattress support.
  • I bought (already it was on sale!) a Jenny Lind crib in a pretty aqua color.  I love the vintage spindle style and it came with the toddler bed conversion kit which was a plus.  Last time around we had to buy the kits separately from the cribs (we have twins) and then only used them for a very short time. 
  • We got a 4-in-1 crib - crib/toddler bed/day bed/full frame. Who knows if it will last that long, but it's good quality and I feel was a good investment.

    I would definitely go for this! My husband I and are getting one of these convertible 4 in 1 beds. True that you don't know how long it will last, however, it seems to save a lot of $$ in the long run. Personally, I like the darker colors. I think their a little more mature so if we do keep the set thru the kids teenage years, he won't grow out of it.

    They can run anywhere from 200-600$$ and normally have good quality matching furniture. Just make sure if you go with this option you can find the conversion kit as well!


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