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How long should a Growth Spurt last?

My LO started on his first growth spurt last Sunday, everything I read says to expect it to last 2-3 days. We are now on day 8, and I don't know how much longer I can take the hourly feelings and 30 min blocks of sleep! Has anyone else experienced a growth spurt lasting this long? Please tell me there is hope!

Re: How long should a Growth Spurt last?

  • They are all different. Most of DD growth spurts last 1-2 days but we are just over a week now for the 3 mth one. Luckily she is still sleeping at night but during the day she is cranky & hungry & sleepy all the time. Your LO will get through it soon!!
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  • Thank you for your input!  I think we are finally getting to the end.  Last night was so much better.  He had 2  3-hour stretches of sleep and fell back asleep right away.  Today he seems a lot less cranky. 
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  • My lo started her 3 mo growth spurt about one week ago. She is sleeping at night but during the day she is having these marathon nursings lasting 30-40 minutes and doesn't want to nap which makes her super grumpy. Hopefully she goes back to her normal self soon! lol!
  • starmile said:

    Kellymom says usually 2-3 days but sometimes a week. Hang in there mama!
    But as always, if you're concerned, call your pedi.

    Thank you for this site!!! I love it!!
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