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Costume ideas

I am at a complete loss for a Halloween costume for DD. I feel like all the girl costumes are tutus made to look like something else. What are your LO's going to be this year?

(Have we discussed this a million times already? Sorry if I missed it!)

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Re: Costume ideas

  • Well since I'm in Germany I'm skipping this year- they don't celebrate here and I'm not really in the mood- lol BUT when I do decide to participate, Raz can be little red riding hood to accompany my German shepherds lol
  • DD is going to be batman, with a tutu of course ;)  And DS is going to be Clark Kent.
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  • Lawn gnome
    "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen." ~Winnie the Pooh
  • Minnie and Mickey mouse
  • We bought the kids' costumes on clearance last year ... if I recall correctly, Catherine's going as a witch. Alex is going as a ninja. Now -- to find where I put them, lol!
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  • We're still figuring it out, but I'm thinking she'll be a Red Shirt covered in tribbles (which means me and the husband can be Nurse Chapel and Mr. Spock--yay, Star Trek!). She had a store-bought generic kitty cat costume last year, and a little part of me died inside, so I really don't want to go that route again this year.
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  • Ok. I am thinking a teapot. Now I need to figure out how to make such a costume. Thankfully, we are with my parents for a few weeks and they can help!
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  • If anyone is still looking for ideas, check out all these cute costumes!

    P.S. @ChicagoBroad26, you'll love the first one! ;)

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