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OB/GYN Recommendation - Inner Loop?

I am moving to Houston in June, at around 26 weeks, and need to find a doctor or practice group in the area.  In Durham, where I'm moving from and had my 1st baby, all the ob/gyn groups are large and the doctors rotate being on call at the hospital.  You meet most of them over the course of your pregnancy and you have no idea which one will deliver you (unless you have a scheduled C-section/induction).  That worked fine for me (and in the end none of the doctors I had seen delivered me, as they share call at the hospital with another group who was on when I went into labor).  The friends in Houston I've talked to all seemed to one specific OB/GYN who delivered them.  Is this more common than the larger groups?  How does it work if they are out of town or delivering someone else?  Is there a hospital people recommend?  Thanks for any input you can share!
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Re: OB/GYN Recommendation - Inner Loop?

  • Howdy- I live in the Inner Loop area and I am using the same OB/GYN that I used for regular GYN stuff to be my OB. He'll be delivering and he sees me at every visit, and is familiar with my medical history. I've found that to be fairly common even in large groups (My OB is a member of a group of Physicians that is fairly large throughout Houston). 

    If they are delivering for someone else, I'm fairly certain that you will then get the on-call OB who has to meet the same level of accreditation as yours in order to even be placed "on-call". Typically though, the OBs only have a certain number of actively pregnant patients in conjunction with their GYN patients so scheduling isn't as much of a problem.

    This is my first child, so I don't have a hospital to recommend, but my practice is Kelsey Seybold and there are several OBs there that are available. All women using Kelsey will deliver at the Texas Women's hospital in the medical center (which is HIGHLY rated).

    I can tell you NOT to ever go to Memorial Hermann Southeast (located in south Houston), Bayshore Medical (in Pasadena) or Clear Lake Regional (in Clear Lake). My mom was a nurse there and she wouldn't have received any kind of treatment from any of those hospitals.

    You're safe with almost anything in the Medical Center, although St. Joseph's is the worst of them all. (Still better than the 3 above).

    Hope this helps!

  • I recommend TX Childrens Hospital in medical center, the Ob I see is Dr. Riera who I see for every visit and who will perform my c section. I agree with the PP, I would stay away from those 3 she mentioned.
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  • Thank you!  I ended up delivering at Methodist in the Med Center on 9/16 and had a great experience!
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