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Hi everyone. I'm currently unemployed so I've been taking care of my 9mnth old 24-7.  

He has great energy. Always wants to do something, explores chase the dog, walk (with my assist) etc. I have 3 stations set up in the house for him to play. Each spot has different things. His room has blocks, living room has rattles, balls etc, My attempt to keep him entertained with each change in environment.  i do take him out for a walk in stroller and stop by the park too

But lately he seems to be losing interest in his things around the house and sometimes I can't take him outside.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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  • My little guy is really energetic also. I am lucky if he will sit still for even a couple minutes to finish a bottle. Lately he likes to 'help.' If I'm dusting, I hand him a swiffer and he follows we around waving it. If I go into the kitchen to do dishes I hand him measuring cups and those can entertain him for awhile. If I bring a basket of laundry to him he can entertain himself for quite some time taking everything out, throwing it around, then putting it back in. We play tag, which really just means I crawl around the living room while he crawls after me.

    I ordered him a sensory board so I hope that will keep him busy. You can make one pretty easily if you don't want to purchase that.
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  • OMG. He loves the kitchen.. If i open the frig, his there in a second. I think it's because there's so much in there, his amazed. But I really don't want him hanging around it too much. 

    Hmm. Maybe I can try making a board. 
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  • I've been planning to make a magnetic busy board once her playroom is set up.
    Just google or pintrest it, you can use a cheap large oil pan velcroed to the wall, just make sure you use big, baby safe magnets. I'm thinking it could be lots of fun!
  • ooo thats not a bad idea. LO loves the magnets on our frig.
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