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Birth Control IUD

I'm 10 weeks postpartum and looking into getting an IUD. I have taken the pill previously before I got pregnant. I haven't had the best experience with it. I've had terrible side effects pp. What is everyone's experience with this form of birth control and would you recommend it? I'm not wanting to get pregnant again for 2-3 years, I'm 32.

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  • If like to know too. I'm getting it in two weeks.
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  • I know EVERYONE is different and reacts differently but here is my story.

    I'm BFing and got it put in on a Friday almost 11 weeks PP. Honestly I am an over producer and am constantly pumping 22-24 ounces while at work. I had been back for a month and was consistently getting that. By the following Thursday my production had droped to 18 ounces and sometimes it was a struggle to get that much. While I was still producing almost double what my daughter was eating at daycare I started freaking out and made them take it out. I researched and it sounds like while they say it won't affect BFing and shouldn't, there are many people that it does. I do have friends where it didn't. The day after I had it out I was back to 24 ounces.

    Again, it is different for everyone but if you are BFing and you get it just be aware of your production. I think it was easier for me since I was at work and pumping I could keep track.

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  • I'm on my second Mirena, I got it put in at 8w PP. I'm a SAHM, so I never really pumped, but I BF DD until she was almost 2yrs old. The insertion was really painful for me, but that's not common. I have had no issues with either IUD and have no periods.
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  • I had the Mirena after my first birth. It was ok, but the hormones still annoyed me. I have the Paragard now. I've had it for a year and no complaints.

  • I had Mirena previously and loved it.  I am getting another in a few weeks which will be about 7 weeks postpartum.

  • I had mirena after my first pregnancy I hated it! I cramped every day for almost a year till I got it removed. I would not recommend it but everybody is different, I got on nuvaring after that and liked it so much better. 
  • I had Mirena previously and loved it.  I am getting another in a few weeks which will be about 7 weeks postpartum.

    Same here! But got mines 1 week ago at my Postpartum
  • I'm getting mine next month. I'm nervous about the insertion and the doctor said we had to obstain for 2 weeks and that is was fine if I had my period. I'm ready to have freedom from the pill and not have to worry about getting pregnant for awhile!
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