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Breast feeding Not Going How I planned

LO is seven weeks and I been using a nipple shield because we had trouble getting her to latch. I'm at the point where I'm so ready to give up but I keep reminding myself baby has to eat. I also find myself pumping a lot and feeding her out of a bottle because I feel she isn't getting enough milk from the nipple shield. LO is always fussy on the breast, which causes her to constantly pull the shield off :-( I find myself stressing and upset because I truly want to breast feed and the way I imagine it to be, it is definitely not that wash. Please help! I tried a lactation, drinking Mothers Milk and taking Fenugreek

Re: Breast feeding Not Going How I planned

  • Idani said:
    The main thing with parenting is it usually doesn't go as planned. As far as breastfeeding goes you need to decide if you want to continue or not. If so PP has some great suggestions. My experience was similar with my first I wanted to BF but it was a nightmare LO wasn't gaining weight, I was miserable and it started to really mess with me emotionally, mentally and physically. At that point I switched to FF and never looked back. A happy mom is a happy baby. In the end it's your decision and whatever you decide is great.
    THIS exactly. I had a very similar experience w/shield & LO not gaining weight. Nothing goes as planned (see my screen name!).

     If you still want to BF you should definitely check out the BF board. Very helpful ladies over there. But, if you decide to switch to formula, that is ok too (very helpful ladies on the FF board too). Your LO has benefited greatly from what you have given her so far.
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  • I used a nipple shield with DD for the first 6ish weeks. One of the midwives at my OB's office almost forced me off it because she "scared" me about long-term milk production. I started working with her to ditch it and now I only use it if I am super engorged. It gets frustrating but while feeding if she detaches try the nipple without the shield. I tried this for a week straight and didn't need it again!

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  • I breastfed for 2 months, saw 2 different lactation consultants, pumped constantly and took fenugreek. One of my breasts hardly made and milk and my baby was born early and needed to gain weight so I supplemented. It totally stressed me out I was not making enough milk for her I got so depressed. I spoke to my doctor hormonal as hell crying my eyes out and told him I felt like a failure not being able to provide enough for my daughter. He set me straight and was a godsend that it's not the end of the world. I started giving my baby formula exclusively and never looked back! Do what is best for you...ignore everyone else.
  • *nipple shields helped me tremendously and I don't think I could've gone 3
  • 2 months without it!
  • I had a nightmare experience with trying to get LO to breastfeed as well. Hospital gave him formula because he was 10 lbs. He would get frustrated and refuse to latch. Used a nipple shield and he would latch but would get frustrated because nothing was coming out. Had to use the nipple shield and a syringe while he was on the breast and continually squirt formula into the shield while he was latched....this was for a week or so. He got the hang of it and my milk came in but I wasn't able to get him to latch without the shield. Then I read some advice on another website where someone said that they would use the nipple shield for the first breast but then not the other when switching mid-feed. This worked for us! LO wasn't as frustrated because he had gotten his first half of the meal and eventually he just started latching! 

    I also had to deal with thrush and now lipase issues....and it was so tempting to entertain the idea of switching to formula, but it ended up working out. Good luck to you!  
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  • MrsMuq said:
    A few questions: 1. how old is your LO? 2. Why are you using a nipple shield? 3. Are you concerned about milk supply, LO latching, or both?

    I would either get a second LC opinion, and/or have the LC come back. It can take multiple consultations to get it "right." If LO isn't gaining properly, you can have an LC do weighted feedings to gauge how much LO is drinking. Maybe reach out to your local La Leche League.

    Try reading some of the info on - great BFing resource. Also, check out the Breastfeeding board in TB.

    Make sure you are drinking enough water and taking enough Fenugreek (you usually need a total of 12-610mg capsules a day for it to be effective).

    LO is 8 weeks, the reason for nipple shield was because I couldn't get LO to latch on and I was on the break of giving up but a mother who used the shield recommended to me, I'm concerned about the latching. I take 9, 610mg capsules a day Thank you, I would look into the resources
  • That's real good, so are you still using the shield and if not, when did you wean baby off it it
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