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Delano's "Wayzata Children's Clinic" & Pediatricians

I am 36 weeks pregnant and haven't narrowed down a pediatrian yet.  --- I live in Delano (delivering in Buffalo though), but Delano's puny little hospital claims to have the "wayzata children's clinic" there, I'm assuming its like 1 doctor once a week or something.  Does anyone know anything about this?
Also, does anyone have any pediatrician recommendations for this area?
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  • Have you called the office and asked for more information?  Or even just google the practice name and location- I'm sure they have a website that would give you some general info. 

    We use Metro Peds, but I think they are more SW metro vs W.  I found our ped group after going to an LLL meeting about 6 weeks before my first was due and I asked the moms there for a recommendation.  They all suggested Metro Peds so I figured that it was a safe bet and we've had a great experience with our first. 
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