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Screams and cries at family members

So... LO has this new thing going on, where he screams and cries at people who he has seen very frequently over the past 7 months. My SIL he now cries at when she tries to hold him or talk to him, and my poor BIL, if he's anywhere in the same room LO just cries and screams hysterically. Even my sister makes him nervous, and shes watched him once a month since he was born

Whats going on?? Anyone else dealing with this.. how long will this last? He's doing this while at my MIL's house, where he goes everyday. We're supposed to have a christening next month, but if he can't be around anyone we're inviting, I don't know what I'm going to do!

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Re: Screams and cries at family members

  • LO does something similar.  She's mostly afraid of men she doesn't know but she is also terrified of my brother and DH's BIL.  If they even look at her, she starts screaming.  She started this at around 7 months and it has gotten slightly better at almost 9 months but it's still a problem.  I've heard that it's just a phase and they'll grow out of it.  
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  • It's normal. He will grow out of it.

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