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Does anyone know of any medical insurance in PA that actually has some type of fertility benefit?

I am not eligible through work and am having some fertility issues. 

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  • My insurance didn't cover any meds but cornerstone pharmacy in willow grove is fairly priced. My hubby and I shopped prices for a long time
  • My husband's work goes through Aetna and we have great IF coverage through them. As for a doctor- we met with Dr Sasson at Shady Grove Fertility and I LOVED him!
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  • I have Keystone Health Plan East and they're covering unlimited IUI's and clomid + injectables. It does not cover IVF. I have to pay my "specialist" co-pay every time I see my RE. It's a pretty good deal overall. Good luck!! 
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    Not sure if this is an option, but you  may consider a job across the bridge in New Jersey.  New Jersey is one of the states that has an infertility insurance mandate, which requires insurance plans to offer or to provide coverage for fertility treatment costs or IVF costs.  I just finished a successful IVF cycle (and am now 8 weeks pregnant) and although it was covered by my insurance, I can still see what the insurance company paid, which was around $10K.  I went to the Mainline Fertility Center in Bryn Mawr and saw Dr. Glassner.  Insemination is much cheaper if it is an option and most places will also provide some type of payment plan.
  • My husband works at GSK, and I have IVF coverage through their insurance, which is Aetna PPO.  I would think that all major insurance carriers have the potential to offer the option, it's just a matter of whether the specific plan you are in offers it (i.e. I assume GSK has to pay extra to offer that option through their plan).  My employer also offers Aetna PPO, but they don't have IVF coverage (a small company, and I assume they opt not to pay extra to have that as a benefit).
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