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37 weeks and change of command dinner

DH just called and told me the details of a change of command dinner.  We had an idea of the date which is Oct 2nd and I will be 37 weeks.  I have nothing to wear to that event since it is black tie and tickets are 45 a piece.  Trying to decide if its really worth attending at this point.  I would have to order something online and not sure how I will be feeling to sit though one of those dinners.  Normally I would have no problem but being that late I just don't know.  

Would you attend?

Re: 37 weeks and change of command dinner

  • Is it for your DH? Then yes, if not, no way! I would totally pass.
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  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I would go but I've also been to a ball at 36 weeks. I bought a non-maternity, empire waist dress for $30 something bucks off a clearance rack. I had no issues. We left after the formalities.
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    If your husband is the incoming or outgoing commander you should probably be there.  Personally I would probably go, but if you decide not to, my experience is that most people are pretty understanding when you are very pregnant or have a new baby. 

    If you do decide to go, when you are that pregnant you can get away with anything- even a more casual dress that you dress up with jewelry would probably be fine. 

  • Like the others said, unless my husband was involved, then no. I would not go. I just went to a Dining Out at 10 weeks pregnant and was exhausted by the time we left (right after the formalities and dinner). 
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  • I definitely agree. If your husband is the CO then it's important that you be there. If not, I can't imagine why you would want to go to that boringness. ;)
  • mamrotu73 said:

    Will there be cake? If yes, you should definitely attend.

    Wear something less formal and no one will care. If they do care, they will keep their mouth shut. They will probably give you extra cake even or at least let you cut to the front of the cake line.
    This. :)
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