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Potty training--any tips?

I am starting to PT my 23month old DS today (eek!). I"m not following any method per se--just doing naked time while we're at home, and using pull ups with a travel potty while we're out. He's really great about peeing when he is placed on the potty and has even said preemptively that he has to pee a few times. But we'll see if that stays consistent...

Anyway, any tips for parents who have been there, done that? Thanks!


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Re: Potty training--any tips?

  • I think at his age the best thing you can do is keep it light and fun.  Try to follow his lead.  DS just turned 2 and we have been focusing on the potty for the past week or so.  We let him wear underwear a lot at home (for him that's a big incentive) and take him to the potty periodically.  We still let him use a diaper if he doesn't want to use the potty.  We give him lots of praise for initiating potty time and praise for sitting there.  We do not do rewards. 

    This is what we did with DD as well until she was being consistent and then we took away diapers except for bedtime and naptime.  I think the best thing is to let them feel like it's their decision and not yours.  Good luck!

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  • I introduced the concept to DD1 and let her take the lead. Around 2 she gave the potty a shot but decided she'd rather be in diapers. Around 3 she just woke up one day and decided she wanted panties- and that was the end of that! 
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