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When to move out of the crib?

DS will be 2 in 2 weeks.  He has never shown any signs of trying to get out of it.  The only thing he does is lift his leg up on the top rail when we come in to get him up, but he doesn't even try to hook his leg over the top and he doesn't do this every time either.  When we put him down for a nap or the night, he'll bop around in the crib for a bit, but has also never tried to climb out then.  If he ever tries to climb or (or is successful at it), then we will go ahead and make the transition, but what if he never attempts?  Do we just do the transition when DH and I are ready or when he's just too big for the crib?  Are there kids out there who don't try to climb out ever?

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  • I wish we could've stayed in the crib longer but my son started climbing out well before he turned 2. I'm in the camp of keeping them in the crib until they climb out or if you need the crib for another child. Even if he never climbs out, at some point, he'll just get too physically big for the crib itself so you'll know to transition then. 
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  • My second kiddo loved his crib and didn't try to climb out. We did transition to a toddler bed with rail right before we potty trained, about 2.5 years old. I wanted him to be able to go to the potty at night.

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  • DS2 has not tried to climb out of the crib yet (he is nearly 2) and we won't need the crib for another child, so I plan to keep him in there as long as possible -- until he is too big for it.  Even if he climbs out, we can turn the crib around and keep him in for longer.  DS1 climbed out at 22 months so we turned it and kept him in there for 6 more months until I wanted the crib for DS2. 

  • My DD never tried to climb out. She loved her crib. When she was a little over 2 I bought a bed rail just to have around for when we thought she was ready. DD saw the box and started to lay on it and told me she wanted to sleep in a big girl bed. That day I took the side off the crib and put the side rail on. She has slept that way ever since. Since then we have started potty training and it is so nice that she can get out of the bed easier to go potty!

    (Oh, and she doesn't climb out of her toddler bed...just as she didn't with the crib. I guess she just likes sleeping in her own bed!)
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  • I didn't switch DD till she was 3.  We bought a crib for DS so I didn't need the crib and she was safe and happy in there so I didn't see a point screwing things up.  I knew she'd be okay in a big girl bed because that's where she'd sleep away from home but she was still happy in her crib.  

    She was potty trained but just called for us if she needed to go potty.  She's been in a twin bed now for 5 months or so and for the most part she stays put.  DS will be 2 next month and I have no plans to switch him yet.  I'm going to wait till at least 2.5 if I can.  
  • We didn't switch our oldest until he was 3.  He never tried to climb out and slept great so I didn't see the need to mess with a good thing.  Once he potty trained, we switched him but he never woke up in the middle of the night needing to potty.  DS2 is still in the crib and will be until he either tries to climb out or he's 3.  

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    I say leave him in his crib until your ready to get a big boy bed then. Our son never crawled out of his crib. We only switched him to a big boy bed because we wanted to use it for our new lo. He will crawl into the crib with lo now in the mornings but still will not try and get out. So some kids never do attempt. 

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  • We switched a little before 2, as he was just getting too heavy to lift in and out, and wanted to transition well before having another baby. I was also scared of waiting for him to try to get out, I wouldn't want him to get hurt on his first try!
  • My DD is 2 years, 4 months and still sleeps in the crib. I have thought about switching her, but she is happy in her crib and has never tried to get out. She will sit in there in the morning and read books until I come get her; I'm not sure I'm ready to give that up yet!
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  • I'm new to this board but have been posting on my BMB for a while. We just transitioned away from the crib last night. DS turned 2 on July 25th and we always said we wouldn't transition until he tried to climb out. Thursday night he not only tried to climb out but succeeded so we knew for certain it was time last night. We made a big deal out of it, went to the store to buy new bedding that he picked out and tried to make it exciting for him. He did really well but woke up 3 hours early and came storming into our room for an early morning wake up call. It was cute just much earlier than we would have liked!


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  • My son never climbed out. We switched him just shy of his third birthday.

  • My DD never climbed out of crib.  We took her out of the crib recently (30 months) because we needed it for the new baby.  However, she slept great in it and we probably would have kept her in it if we weren't having another LO.  

    On a side note, she loves her big girl bed too!  It only took a couple of weeks for her to be completely comfortable in it!
  • eyenigh said:

    I wish we could've stayed in the crib longer but my son started climbing out well before he turned 2. I'm in the camp of keeping them in the crib until they climb out or if you need the crib for another child. Even if he never climbs out, at some point, he'll just get too physically big for the crib itself so you'll know to transition then. 

    This. We left ds in there until right before 2 BC we needed the crib for dd but ds loved his big boy bed.
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  • Both kids never climbed out of the crib and slept so great in their crib so we were never in a rush.  Both transitions centered around potty training and being able to get up and go if they needed to.  DS was moved when he turned 3.  We are moving DD in the next month or so...she will be 3 in November.  
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  • Mine never climbed out of the crib, but we transitioned him in June (2 years 8 months) because he started waking at night to go pee.  It was much easier to help him in and out of the bed than the crib.  He still doesn't climb out of the bed unless we're in there with him.
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    We transitioned about a month before we were going to start potty training.  So, 2 years and 5 mo for DD.  She still gets out sometimes for reasons other than having to go potty, but she does pretty well with it.  She never successfully climbed out of her crib, but she tried.  DS, however, is a totally different kid.  I could see keeping him in his crib longer, but I don't think we will start potty training with him until closer to 3.  He hasn't climbed out yet.  Fingers crossed! 
  • Our little boy will be 3 next month and has never attempted to crawl out of the crib, sleeps 7:30-7 and seems to really love his bed so I'm petrified to convert it! He is potty trained for naps and during the day but we stick a nighttime diaper on him because frankly, my 1 year old's sleep is crap and I can't risk screwing with the only one who sleeps beautifully :)
  • Our son was around 18 months when we moved him into a toddler bed. He never tried to crawl out of his crib, but he absolutely hated going to bed. So we got him a toddler car bed, which he loved. I was a bit worried about him falling out of bed, but he never has. It's been a breeze getting him to sleep ever since (he's just turned two now). After his lunch he happily runs to his bed saying "Night night!" to take his nap. I'll sit beside him while he goes to sleep (which doesn't take long) and my boyfriend puts him to bed the same way at night. I'm SO glad we switched lol. 
  • Well my ds is almost 3 and he is still in his crib.  He has never once tried to get out and bedtime is very easy and peaceful here.  We were thinking of getting him a Thomas train toddler bed after his birthday, but each time we mention it he throws a fit and says he doesn't want it, he wants his brown bed, so I ask myself why rock the boat?  He is happy in his crib, so what the heck?  We might get him a toddler bed and set it up for when HE is ready to make the change. 

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  • we converted the crib at maybe 21 months, into a double bed at 23 months. It was just easier for us to put her to sleep NOT in the crib. We started w a mattress on the floor for 2 or 3 months, then put it on a low frame. Love it. She never tried to climb out, it was just our preference. 
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  • We switched when DD was around 14 months old. She has a twin mattress on the floor. We don't have a bed yet because she moves A LOT in her sleep.
  • We switched DD from crib to crib with half side (our crib is one of those transitional ones, so now it is like a daybed with a tiny little part rail) shortly after her 2nd bday because she was starting to pull herself up on the outside and inside of the crib.

    Prior to that I had been planning on doing it as a third birthday thing - making a big deal about it and letting her pick out new bedding and everything. Now we'll probably switch her from her "half-crib" to her actual bed on her birthday and still do the bedding and stuff so that she is excited to say bye to her crib lol
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