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Food aversions & Cravings.... Nausea

I have been having extremely irritating food aversions to about 75% of what I try to eat. Chicken is a hugge one! I can't even look at it, let alone think about it sometimes. I'm so scared to eat sometimes because of fear that I will feel sick afterwards... Yesterday I had tacos and enjoyed them, but my stomach however did not. I felt nauseous right after eating them. I realize that I have to eat or I'll stay nauseous, but sometimes I can't even stomach the thought.

Re: Food aversions & Cravings.... Nausea

  • I've had this same problem. I've been living on very bland foods, for the most part, for the last week or two. Peanut butter and banana sandwich is good! Also, fruit, string cheese (for a protein kick), salata wrap worked well (with only legumes for proteins), etc. Mostly I'm just trying to make sure I'm getting enough protein! That's the tough one since most of the proteins sound yuck. Beans are ok, at the moment, though.
  • im having a very hard time with food. I love food. im a chubby girl and have never had issues with food.

    lately, I hate food. all of it. none of it tastes good and its a project to eat. I hate it.

    ive been shoving in what I can, but its very hard. heres hoping second trimester is better.


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  • I had this for about 5 weeks where I couldn't stomach anything "good for me." I survived off of toast, muffins, bagels, and hot dogs.
    I still can't stomach chicken unless I bread it. Steak is iffy depending on the texture, same with burgers.
    I am slowly starting to get my eating habits back on track so hopefully it passes for you too!
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  • I'm on the same boat. I can't even drink stuff. Either things taste gross or the after taste in the mouth is unbearable. I'm growing weak because I'm bearly eating and drinking. I don't know how long I could stand this. I am at my limit!
  • I don't eat hardly anything healthy right now. I can't stomach fruits or veggies. I'm living on carbs. Can't wait for 2nd tri.
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  • I have practically turned into a vegetarian. Even the thought of meat makes me gag. I can do fish, some lunch meats, and that's almost entirely it. But I'm hungry all the time and OMG food. Early on when I could barely eat anything I was living on bagels with cream cheese, pb&j, and string cheese.

    Right now, aside from my meat aversion, my biggest aversion is sweets. Like chocolate bars. Can you believe that? I can't eat candy bars. *sobs* 
  • How long is this nausea and throwing up going to last? I've been sick for at least 5 weeks and hate eating hate working all I want to do is sleep every morning I'm projectile puking so I can make it out the door to work the light stuff crackers ext have given me no relief I've done the unisom and b6 at night but it doesn't work during the day I seriously don't know how much more of this I can take eating is a chore and if I'm not eating non stop I'm soooooo sick ;(
  • CrazieMeh you should call your doctor and look into other options, there are some medications they can try. :(
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  • Ask for Zofran. It's amazing and fixes the severe nausea. I myself find meat hard to stomach and pretty much avoid it. I can however, not get enough fresh fruit.

  • I am having to do diclegis at night and zofran during the day. I tried diclegis during the day, but I just couldn't function. Even with those, the only thing that really sounds good is salt & vinegar chips.

    Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.


  • Yep, went to my doctor. I apparently lost 14 lbs since I last weighed myself at the gym a month ago! Told her about my severe nausea and vomiting routine, she prescribed me Zofran. It's helping... At least food and liquids are staying down but stomach still feels weird. When will this be over?!
  • If it wasn't for nabisco crackers! I would starve! Can't wait till this is over :((
  • Me too, I can't wait for 2nd tri. :( feel sick every minutes...
  • I am also on Zofran and at 13 weeks JUST started eating somewhat normal again. I still can't eat chicken and still get sick preparing food but at least I can look at a recipie and make a shopping list without throwing up so my hubs helps with cooking raw meat. With the zofran I had to really take it every day for a week before it went past just control the throwing up to being able to eat. Even after a week I went one day without it because I ran out and swore I was dying from being so nauseous I had to start all over.

    My nurse said for people who are really sick their first trimester it may take longer to stop (think 14 to 16 weeks). Hang in the and just try and snack all day. Like always have some food and drink with you. FX the Zofran works!
  • I'm with you. I wonder if I'll ever eat chicken again. h made wings about a month ago and the smell was horrible. I haven't touched chicken since.
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  • I have an absolutely awful coffee aversion. I used to LOVE coffee. Could drink a whole pot by myself on a Sunday morning. I cut back to 2 cups after +HPT but then couldn't stomach it at all after the nausea set in around 6 weeks. Zofran really helped the nausea but definitely makes you constipated. Nearly 13 weeks now and still no coffee. Might try it again in a few weeks to see if it's getting better along with the usual red meat aversion that many others seem to have.
  • I have cravings then I eat the food and it's so gross, and I just can't eat it! It's driving me nuts!
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  • Food has been a struggle with me. I am super picky and my "likes" change weekly. For example for a week I could only stomach salads, then the next nothing but Taco Bell, now it's currently Arby's curly fries and ham and cheese melts. I used to love chik'fil'a but now I can't be in the same room as it, same with all chicken. I'm 13 weeks and I still can't even cook bc I gag uncontrollably...luckily my hubby has been super patient with all my asinine requests and doing all the cooking.
  • Omg my hubby made tuna yesterday & the whole house smelled like it I freaked out so gross! @rkadlec22‌ I used to love my iced coffee everyday, the thought of coffee makes me wanna puke still:( at least I'm saving money on Dunkin donuts!
  • Oh man! Food aversions and sickness has been crazy with me too! I'm 14 weeks and since week 6 I have not been able to stomach meats except ground beef that is well hidden in things. I have issues with eggs and milk too. If I didn't know any better if swear my little one was a vegan!!! All I want is fruits!

    Good luck to you and I hope it gets better!!!
  • I finally got my appetite back and I love food Lol. Current cravings are pickles... I can't get enough sour pickles! And limes! And sautéed mushrooms
  • You're making me want pickles more lol. I about finished offa jar at my moms earlier but I had to share with my nephew and I was
    all but pleased about sharing haha
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