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Coats and Floss

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not related but I had a few questions...

we finally did the first dentist you floss your little one's teeth? if so, know where I can find floss seas flosser cheaper than $20 bucks?

Coats- we live in northern va looking for a winter jacket especially when it snows and we play outside we have a snowpant already uncertain if 1st jacket is not warm enough or 2nd jacket is too warm



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Re: Coats and Floss

  • I'm not sure about the coats. I live in the Great Lakes area and it gets cold.

    We use the dentek fun flossers also.

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  • I use my floss sticks on Bailey. But only because she sees me flossing and then wants to.

    There's a Columbia outlet not too far from me. We got B a one piece snowsuit from there last year that I LOVED. But I think the biggest size they carried is 18 months :(


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  • No, no flossing.  Not even a little bit.

    I am going to pray that her coat from last year fits her, at least for a while.  We'll figure something out when she outgrows it.  She has a couple hoodies though, and we have an autostart on the truck.  So unless we are spending actual time outside, that should be enough.


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  • No flossing here either. I'd go with the second jacket, because it has down fill. I can't really tell from the first link how thick and warm it will be.
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  • Mrs_LadyMrs_Lady member
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    Thanks ladies we ended up going to outlet and got a ralph lauren coat with hood for 40 bucks score using a visa gift card. Score
    I have no clue where his gloves are
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  • Sesame street had an episode on toothbrushing not sure if it will help you ladies with toothbrushing challenges but super cute song your lo might surprise you.
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  • The only way we are able to do teeth brushing is to let R have full control of the tooth brush. She does a decent job, but we do it for her afterward and she is more accepting of our help.

    When we tried brushing them the whole time, it was the exact scene described above... Pinning down all limbs and brushing during screams. Maybe this would help some of you ladies battling your LOs.... Though I'm guessing you've tried everything by this point too haha
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  • @mbm1983‌ I have to use the dental tape type floss because my teeth are tight. I have to buy separate flosses for DH and I because he hates mine and his gets stuck in my teeth.


  • We don't floss yet- none of her teeth are touching so dentist says it's not needed until then. Brushing here is miserable as well.

    I'm hope a 24 month columbia fleece snowsuit will work. We have a puffy 2t ds wore to play outside a handful of times and she can reuse that. She'll be outside more as a second child, I'm sure, but I still don't care if she wears a boy coat. Not worth the cash

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  • She lets us help her brush her teeth although to be honest I don't remember to do it every day. I need to do better. We still use the baby toothpaste because she just swallows still. We haven't ever flossed her teeth. She has chewed on one of those little individual flossers when I get ready but not considered flossing.
  • I don't even floss my own teeth. Maybe that's a FFFC!
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