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2nd Trimester

sensitive nipples

Well I am 15 weeks and my nipples are so sensitive. My sore boobs went away like 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks. But it seems my nipples won't stop hurting!!! Help me please what can I do to stop it?!?!

Re: sensitive nipples

  • So sorry to hear about your nipples. Pretty much everything @kyliedaniellexx‌ said. All you can really do is wear a good bra and slap the man-friend away :)

    It's possible it could last all pregnancy, or one day just be gone. There's no way to tell unfortunately.
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  • I feel you! If I'm showering and the water it falling directly on my nipples it hurts. They are just very sensetive but my boob soreness went away as well, it's all nipple sensitivity now!
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