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Pregnant again… and showing super early!!!

Hi everyone,
I just found out a few days ago, I am pregnant again.  I have identical twin boys who just turned two. This was a planned pregnancy and I am super excited, but I am four weeks, three days pregnant and swear I'm already showing! Is that even possible??? DH sees it too- I love my boys more than everything, but I am now freaking out that it could be twins again. How early did you all start showing after having twins? I'm hoping it's just because my stomach is stretched out from last time. I don't have an OB appt till October 14th and am going crazy :)
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Re: Pregnant again… and showing super early!!!

  • I didn't start showing till I was 13ish weeks this time. (showed at 10 weeks with the twins). However, my bloat was INSANE the second time so I felt like I started showing really early the 2nd time. My girls are ID and I was paranoid of a 2nd set even though less likely with IDs. I begged my GP to send me for an early U/S bc I had to know especially since my Betas were in the twin range (yes I know this means nothing ;) ) At 6 weeks there was only 1 little baby in there. Confirmed at 13 weeks during my NT scan.


  • DH & I could tell immediately, at 4w1d. It was bloat but my abdomen took on a brand new shape from the beginning. Congrats!!!
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  • While I have only had my twins- my friend had twins her first pregnancy- then two singletons- she was much bigger with the two singletons versus her twins, obviously that was later on.  At this point it is all bloat.

  • I have twins about the same age as yours and I'm pregnant with a singleton- 12 weeks today. I've been SO bloated this time! I was in maternity pants at 5 weeks because my regular pants were just too uncomfortable. My uterus has been above my pelvic bone since about week 10, so the previous comment about not being able to show until 13 weeks not true. This was verified by my midwife. She also had a hard time finding the heartbeat on doppler because "my uterus is so large". I am definitely having a hard time concealing this belly, whether its from bloat or baby, I look pregnant regardless.  I'm really hoping this doesn't mean I'm going to get huge!
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  • I'm having my second set of twins and I didn't show with the second set any earlier than I did with the first (about 16-17 weeks!). It is common to show earlier though with second and subsequent pregnancies, even if it is a singleton! I'm betting it's one :-)
    Two sets of fraternal twins, 23 mos. apart First set born 12/27/12 at 35w0d via IVF Second set born 11/18/14 at 35w6d via FET
  • Thanks everyone- I know the baby is the size of a poppyseed and I know it's just bloat, but my stomach (which I finally got flat- well almost flat) is looking very round now. Good to know i'm  not the only one feeling like I am showing early. :)
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