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Any one use her?  she has been my dr. for 3 years.
i am wondering if at my 8 week appointment this week she will do an US or not?  I am hoping so...but seeing I am not having any problems I am thinking she will wait till 12.

Any other comments on UMASS MEMORIAL? How are thier birthing classes?

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  • I'm not familiar w/that dr but that could be cuz I was high risk (heart prob).  Dr. Greene was my OB.  I also can't answer your ? about the u/s--we went thru fertility treatment so we got our u/s right away.  I can say that I loved my experience at Memorial.  We did the 1 day birthing classes and the new baby class (DH hadnt been around babies and I wanted him to learn to diaper etc).  The 1 day is long but it was informative.  Of course I ended up w/an unplanned c-section so I didn't use anything I learned LOL.  The nurses on the unit were great--I have nothing bad at all to say about our whole experience.
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  • oh, and Congrats! on your pregnancy!!
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  • I love Dr Molanari- she filled in for my OB when he was away (Dr. Aversa). The birthing classes are- eh..take it or leave in IMHO.

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  • I don't know Dr. Molanari, but had a great birth at UMass Memorial.  I didn't take their classes though...I was interested in natural childbirth and took classes at Mothers & Company in Boylston.  LOVED it there!!!  Great classes and a great resource after baby arrives; breast feeding support, new mom's groups, tons of great products!
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