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Milk supply decrease at 9 months?

Hi all - 
My Toad will be 9 months old tomorrow. This week my milk supply has decreased. I did change my diet recently (cut out sugar and processed foods) but I have a hard time thinking that a healthy change like that would cause it. Anyway, at work I would typically pump and get 15-18oz a day. Then this week it's barely been 12oz. Toad has been eating more solids. Could this be the cause of my supply decrease - Toad is eating more solid food and thus eating less during nursing? Has anyone else had this happen? I'm not ready to stop nursing and I don't want my supply to dry up. I know I just need to follow his cues, etc and everything should regulate, but it just makes me nervous. Thoughts?

Re: Milk supply decrease at 9 months?

  • Mine has been dropping periodically, but this week has been the worst.  I usually pump around 8oz a day, enough for two bottles of breast milk and two bottles of formula for daycare.  So far Monday and Tuesday I've only pumped 2 oz per day.  I'm starting to freak out.

  • Thanks, everyone. I'm sure it's a combo of caloric intake and Toad eating more solid foods. I was home w/ him for the last several days and thus didn't need to pump. He never seemed like he wasn't getting enough while BFing, so I think it's safe to say that he's getting what he needs from me even if I am producing less. Sing2phins , thanks for the tips. I'll reevaluate what he's eating at daycare b/c I may be sending more than necessary, especially now that he usually has lunch. And I may add a pump in the evenings. Thank you!
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