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I've been a member for along time, but rarely come on here.  My husband and I moved to Royse City from California in December and we are now 8 weeks pregnant.  We've made a few friends in the area, but not many our age or anyone else pregnant.  Are there any mom groups or anything around here?  I work full-time and the only Rockwall group that I found was specifically for stay-at-home moms.  Thanks, ladies!

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  • We just bought a house in Royse City and are excpepcting our little one Nov 14. I've been looking around for Mom's groups as well. We should definitely try and get some ladies together.
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  • I just had my baby on July 24th and am moving to Royse City. I'd love to meet some Royse City/Rockwall moms. I've been in Texas for only a year now and don't know many new moms in the area.
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  • My little one and I go to the Rockwall library for story time. Look on their website for days and times. I've met a lot of mommas from there. They have baby bounce, NB-1 year. Also kinder music is fun. You can see if there's a class close by.
  • Rockwall first time mom. Due 7-16-15
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  • I'm from Rockwall, but live in Royse City! Have two girls, 9 & 5, and due with baby #3 6/20/15.
  • Hey Ladies, what happened with this? I'm due with baby #1 in August but plan to return to work. I'd love to meet some other working moms in the Rockwall area.
  • Hey ladies...I'm totally new on here and have been looking to meet mom's too. I live in kaufman about 30 mins from Rockwall... has anyone made plans to start group meets? I need to be around other executing mom's and make new friends
  • *spell check - expecting moms*
  • I live in Rowlett and am 5 weeks pregnant is there any groups that get together?

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