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lina nigra

Hi ladies,

I've delivered 2 months ago today and while the darkness which appeared on the sides of my neck and on my armpits disappeared within 4-5 days pp. My stomach is pretty darn dark (no stretch marks Thank GOD!) but pretty dark in the middle in a somewhat almost thick belt like way around my belly button and I'm SUPER pale so I basically look like my stomach has been stained with dust or coffee or something. I also still have the lina nigra above and below my stomach...

any experience on when you lost these "colorings" would be great, my stomach was never exposed to the sun while I was pregnant. We haven't been intimate yet ever since I had the baby and that's been a LONG period already. my husband has seen my stomach a lot obviously but never made a comment...I'm very self concious though and I want it to go away :(
God Bless You my Little One
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