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Any MoMs of school age kids?

Does your school make sure the kids are in seperate classes?  Ours does, and I didn't disagree with this, and it seems to be going ok but DD has commented a few times about missing her brother.  I'm sure all siblings go through that, twin or not, but it makes me question if I should have asked that they be together.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Any MoMs of school age kids?

  • My boys are still only in Preschool- but it is a school district preschool with 8 classes.  We separated our boys.  They appear to be doing just fine.  We have had this discussion in our twin club- and had a panel of parents or adult twins and this was the question most talked about.  Most agreed it was for the best of each child that they were separated.  I look at it that my frat boys are very much individuals and should be treated as such.  I hated having my younger sister tag along and have to be involved in everything that I was.  So while it will mean more work (helping with homework and other projects) I think it is good for them.

  • In MA the parents have the choice though the schools recommend separating them.  It was strongly encouraged by their preK teachers they be separated.  They are and have done much much better with the transition than I ever expected.  


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