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Hospital Changed VBAC policy 2 weeks ago?

At my 24 week appointment, my Dr said that the hospital they deliver at changed their policy and they no longer do VBAC. I had already gone over and signed all the consent forms. She didn't have any real advice, except that if I came in ready to push that they would have to let me push. I do plan on laboring at home as much as possible, but knowing how unpredictable labor can be, that can't be my plan. 

I had a c-section last time because at 41 weeks, we found out the baby was frank breech and they couldn't turn her because my water broke. I was pretty disappointed. I am set on wanting to VBAC this time around, but now I am overwhelmed at the thought of finding a new Dr and going to a different hospital when I am already so far along. 

I guess I'm not really looking for specific advice, just to vent a little bit. UgH!!!!

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