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What kind of bra?

I was a 32 B and now I'm a D after 14 weeks - should I buy a mat bra or just a larger "normal" one? do the mat bras expand more appropriately as the ladies grow? I am hoping to not have to keep buying a new bra every month.

Re: What kind of bra?

  • I bought a larger normal bra, and was able to wear it throughout my pregnancy by getting one of those little extender thingys. They sell them at motherhood maternity. To be honest after the initial "expansion" if you will, they didn't get all that much bigger until my milk came in, and then I got a nursing bra. Going from a B to a D is huge, maybe you won't get any bigger and buying new ones now will work for you  :)
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  • Wow I am jealous! I am a 36 A normally and although my "girls" are covered with stretch marks now they have not seemed to get any bigger and I am already 32 weeks!  I just bought a bra extender for my regular bras because the 36 turned into more like a 45 with my belly being so big now!
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  • Thanks! I'm not too surprised I went up to a D so easily. At my heaviest weight pre-pg I was a D so I think my body just "let it happen" easier/faster. I'm crazy nervous what will happen once my milk comes in!! Scary thought! I don't need to extend the band size yet of my bras but I will be looking at mm for those in the future I'm sure. Thanks again Smile
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    As for me right now I have just bought a larger regular bra. ?I have gone up 1 cup size to a DD after that I will have to look for a store that sells larger cup sizes :-(

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  • I went to motherhood maternity to try on their bras, and I must say that for someone who is a little top heavy at least, their bras offer no kind of support.  I am going to have to go with the regular ones in a larger size I guess.  Though right now I am just trying to squeeze into the ones I already have....it's pretty funny if you were to see me without my shirt on!
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