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HELP.. Best Pull Ups?!

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So my daughter is 2 1/2 years and we are trying to get this whole potty training down we have tried a whole verity of pull Ups and I honestly would love you alls thoughts/ comments.. I have tried the pampers easy ups which I like but you have to rip the sides (not velcro) and I have tried the huggies pull ups with velcro sides but sometimes are difficult to velcro and have had issue with leaking. .. anyone have thoughts on huggies slip ons? Help? Thanks
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Re: HELP.. Best Pull Ups?!

  • We used the Costco ones!  I have heard of parents who actually used the cloth diaper versions.  They snap and it also gave kidos that feel of "uh oh, I am wet".
  • We use Huggies. I tried Pampers first (they are a little cheaper here) but hated that you rip the sides.

    We've rarely had a problem with leaking (only if LO pees a lot) and I like the option of the velcro sides as I don't always have to completely undress LO to put on a new one, although I do find the velcro isn't totally great in terms of getting everything to hold.
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  • What are you using pull-ups for?  We used them at night for DD until she was staying dry so it didn't really matter which kind.  We used Pampers.  During the day we went to underwear straightaway and I never used a pull-up.  
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