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When and how did you decide?

My first I was set on med free birth and I successfully labored for 7 hours before finding out little mister was breech. Now, I'm leaning towards a RCS.

Pros: I can get all glamoured and pampered and be ready for the birth and I know what to expect.

Cons: I recovery was rough.

Pros: I have the chance to experience the birth I wanted and get a trophy.

Cons: I'm scared, scared, scared! I don't know what to expect.

How did you decide? When did you make your decision? (It's still very early as I'm due in April)

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Re: When and how did you decide?

  • I am going for a VBAC because my daughters birth was the complete opposite of everything I wanted. I was not in control and when she was transferred to another hospital, I was unable to go due to my c/s. I almost didn't see her before she was transferred. I will do everything and anything to avoid that again.

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  • Good point JoShan. My son is 2.5 and has special needs. He is not mobile and doesn't seem like he will be anytime soon.

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  • @preggersINschool25, do you carry/wear your son? I would think that might be difficult with an incision.

    "I will show you the kind of big sister I will be..."
  • I carry him around. He never tolerated baby carriers. I think because he overheats very easily. I'm looking to wear the new baby.

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  • I decided on trying for a VBAC pretty much the day I was told DS1 probably wouldn't be flipping from his breech position, before I even had the surgery.  I certainly wouldn't say my CS was a great experience, however, my recovery was very, very smooth and I was shocked at how good I felt given all the horror stories I'd heard.

    I agree that it's a little scary, but it's scary either way.  It would be nice to have a planned date with a RCS, but at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that I don't want to have an unnecessary surgery which, for me, is absolutely the case.  It's just not necessary.  If something changes and it becomes necessary, I won't feel bad about a RCS at all, but until then it just makes logical sense for me to try a VBAC.

    I will say this though - had I labored and been put into an emergency c-section situation with my first, this would NOT have been the easy decision it was for me and I'm sure my emotions would factor in much more.
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  • I had a hard time deciding, and eventually decided to try a VBAC because 1) keeping up with a toddler after a c section seemed like it would not be fun and 2) we were thinking we may want to have 4 kids and my Dr recommend not having 4 sections.

    Unfortunately, that plan backfired and I ruptured which meant recovery was WAY worse than with my section and we can't have any more kids unless we use a surrogate. But, after researching, I'm still confident I made the best decision based on the information that was available. I was just one of the unlucky few.
  • I decided to go for a VBAC about a year after DS1 was born, but before I got pg with my second son. My reasons were because my c/s recovery was slow and painful, and I wasn't comfortable w the risks associated w 3+ c/s (and we might want more kids). I did go through a good amount of worry about doing a VBAC, but it was mainly related to having another c/s (my c/s was due to DS1 being posterior, and me pushing for hours before going into surgery).
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  • We are just starting to ttc #3. Dd1 was vaginal and dd2 was breech and c/s. I sobbed in the exam room when my doctor wanted to schedule a c/s, and it was not a great experience for me, esp in comparison to my first delivery. So I pretty much knew at that point that I'd likely want to try a VBAC if we went for #3.
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  • To be honest, when I got pregnant with my second, it never occurred to me not to attempt a VBAC. Part of it was that I really wanted to experience a vaginal birth and part was that we wanted more kids, so I didn't want anymore cutting into my uterus than necessary. By the end of that pregnancy, I was starting to get afraid that she would never come out on her own, and my doctors convinced me to schedule a c-section for 41w6d, but luckily, I got my VBAC at 41w4d.
  • I was set on a VBAC from the beginning. I have a 5 year old who is active in sports and other activities. I couldn't have another c-section recovery. There's no way I could've handled it.

    However, at 40+5, I was not dialated or effaced so my doctor set a c-section for 41 weeks. At 40+6, I went into labor... My son was born after 5 hours of labor that was relatively painless. I made it to 8 cm before I got the epidural.
  • DS1 was vaginal, DS2 was cesarean.  My recovery from the section was long and hard.  We were hoping for 4 kids and I did not want to go through 2 more surgeries.  The decision to go VBAC was easy with #3.  I wanted it so bad that I physically trained for it working out 6 days a week.  I knew the possibility of a repeat section was still on the table but I felt better knowing my body was better prepared for vaginal delivery or surgery recovery.  

    Here's to hoping and wishing for VBAC#2!
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  • It was a easy decision for me b/c I hated my c/s so much and the recovery was awful.  I'll do anything to try to avoid it happening again.  Of course I know it is possible, but I'm not whiling to sign up for one.  I also want a natural birth so bad that it outweighs anything that could pull me in the other direction.  
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    I honestly just knew that I wanted to try.  My c-section was because I failed to progress but I think Pitocin ultimately led to it and that I didn't labor long enough. Not that I would have used the same practice again but they don't even take VBAC patients so I had to switch doctors. 

    My new doctor was selectively VBAC supportive.  He commented about not allowing me to VBAC if baby was measuring big.  His idea of big was 9lbs or more.  My DD was 8lbs15oz so I thought DS would be bigger than she was so that scared me (he was exactly a pound smaller btw!).  He didn't want me to go past 41 weeks.  He was irritated with me for declining a cervical check when I was only 37w5d.  He actually snapped at me and said some things you should not say to a VBAC patient.  I seriously considered switching practices. However, at this practice you mostly see mid-wives so I decided to stay and had a successful VBAC with a mid-wife at 39w3d (my water broke).

    I highly recommend that you seek a very supportive OB and even possibly a doula.  Having a good support system will make all the difference in your experience. You can do this.

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