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DD seems ready but still won't go in potty

DD will take off her diaper any chance she gets, she complains when she is wet and will even hand me a diaper to let me know she wants to be changed. When I ask if she wants to go potty, she's more than willing to go and sit but she never once has done anything on it! How can I get her to actually go?
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Re: DD seems ready but still won't go in potty

  • Do you take her at natural times (before bed, when she wakes up, etc)?  This is what we have been doing with DS.  He actually says potty whenever he needs changed and sits on the potty before the new diaper goes on.  Sometimes we put him in undies for awhile and he loves that.  I think he's peed twice.  

    Your DD is still quite young so I think it's best to just follow her lead.  Keep talking about the potty and asking.  You can put her in underwear and or naked time.  She needs to learn the feeling before she pees and not just a wet diaper.  But she is young so I'd just sort of see where she goes with it.  Keep your excpectations low.  
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  • Our DD is kind of the same - plus she is warning us of poops and holding her pee overnight. She's actually even used the potty a couple of times but we just can't get her to do it regularly and usually if she warns us about a poop and we put her on the potty she holds it until she gets her pull up back on.

    My MIL had 4 kids, three girls and DH, and she did day care for a while and said she finds most kids are ready by 2 and a half. There are lots that are ready before then and lots after but she suggests 2.5 is the best lol

    I usually take her advice :) We've been making a point of reminding DD of the benefits of using the potty (we were offering treats...now we are offering Tow Mater pullups, a sticker on the chart and a treat. We're all about the bribes. Don't ask why Tow Mater pullups. The kid is obsessed.)

    This morning she kept saying "ucky" about the potty so I'm worried she thinks it's gross to pee or poop in the potty so I'm going to be spending the next few days making every toilet use seem as glorious as possible.

    What a life.
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