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Hi all I just wanted to introduce myself. I had my first kiddo in March 2013 via c section due to breech position. Attempted version - failed. The guess was that she never turned bc she was too big for my body type and was stuck. 8 11 at birth version Attempted at the end of 36 weeks. C section completed right at 40 weeks. I went into labor the day before.

I am just now thinking about baby #2 and know I really do not want another c section and will try for a vbac. We plan to start trying in March of 2015 maybe a little sooner. I have done a little reading on vbac but I am getting overwhelmed by negative information I have stumbled upon. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or reliable resources of information on what I can start doing now to increase my chances of a successful vbac?

Thank you!!!

Re: Introduction.

  • Looks like I should have done some lurking before I posted this... Found some helpful info already :) but still so overwhelmed! I really wanted a natural birth the first time around and get so frustrated with the c section and the fact it's making planning for a future child so much more stressful. (Ugh sorry just venting)
  • I feel ya- I didn't want anything meds, c/s etc with my first and it seemed like the exact opposite happened. My son wasn't breech by face was the wrong way which they think may not have helped (I pushed a little over 2 hrs to no avail). Plus he was an ok size 8lbs 3 oz while I am fairly petite (4'9") with a rather large head.

    I am hoping though that if I am not induced this time I will be more successful. I would like to labor at home for awhile just so I can move around. With the induction I felt so restricted to the bed and I think that slowed it all down and made managing pain much harder.

    I say staying healthy, eating right, exercising helps. IDK what else to suggest. :) Best of luck though!

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